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Daphnes: A Practical Guide for Gardeners

By Robin White

A thorough, well-photographed guide to these supremely fragrant shrubs.

Valerie Easton, Seattle Times

This intensely practical account drawn from the long experience of Robin White has been eagerly awaited by Daphne enthusiasts and collectors. Acute observation of the growth, flowering characteristics, and foibles of daphnes documented here will be studied and taken up by gardeners everywhere. A diverse genus, Daphne has a wide distribution ensuring suitable candidates for a variety of garden situations including shade positions, sunny borders, raised beds, containers, and rock gardens. This book will ensure daphnes are better known and more widely grown. It will undoubtedly remain the standard work on daphnes for years to come.

Media reviews

"A thorough, well-photographed guide to these supremely fragrant shrubs that will appeal to beginning gardeners as well as pros."

—Valerie Easton, Seattle Times

"As straightforward and helpful in its text as it is alluringly attractive in its photography (from its jacket to its comprehensive photos within)."

—Peter Kendall, American Rhododendron Society Journal

"Encourages gardeners to plant away, assuring us that all the rumors of cantankerous and finicky daphnes have been greatly exaggerated."

—Joan Morris, Contra Costa Times

"A great help in unlocking the cultural needs of this devilish genus. ... Robin White's writing is clear, informative, and of value to gardeners at any level. ... For those who have failed before in cultivating daphnes, this book will have them drooling to give daphnes another try."

—Richie Steffen, Pacific Horticulture

"Robin White has very effectively blended his long experience of growing, propagating and observing daphnes in this excellent and very informative book that will prove an invaluable aid to all gardeners."

Rainy Side Gardeners

"We are lucky to finally have this book which is [a] must for every daphne grower. It is the daphne reference book."

—Darrel Trout, Daphne Society Newsletter

About the author

Robin White

Robin White is a nurseryman with over 30 years' experience growing and breeding Daphne. He has co-written (with Chris Brickell) a series of four articles on Daphne for The New Plantsman, and has written articles on Epimedium for The Garden and Garten Praxis magazines.

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