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The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants: A Comprehensive Guide to Their Biology and Cultivation

By Wilhelm Barthlott, Stefan Porembski, Rüdiger Seine, and Inge Theisen

Translated by Michael Ashdown

A curious world, indeed, is brilliantly described in this definitive guide.

Library Journal

Plants that trap and eat animals have inspired awe since before the days of Darwin. Lured into the danger zone by optical, tactile, and olfactory strategies, the prey succumb to ingenious traps and face their doom. But unlike plants that temporarily catch insects for pollination, the true carnivores go considerably further: they digest them for the nutrients they need to survive in extremely inhospitable sites on land and in water. This exquisite, thoroughly up-to-date book, copiously illustrated with closeup photography, provides the first comprehensive listing of some 630 known carnivorous plant species, described in fascinating detail, with identification history, physiology, ecology, and an extensive bibliography. It is an essential reference for hobbyist, naturalist, and collector alike.

Media reviews

"A curious world, indeed, is brilliantly described in this definitive guide. Expert botanists with wide renown ... have compiled the first comprehensive listing of all 630 known species of so-called flowers of evil. ... Highly recommended for all gardening or reference collections."

—Donna L. Davey, Library Journal

"An exquisite book, truly covering both biology and cultivation of carnivorous plants."

—Root Gorelick, Plant Science Bulletin

"A beautifully illustrated and well-written book about carnivorous plants that will delight everyone interested in these fascinating species."

—Charles Reynolds, Lakeland Ledger

"Comprehensive ... a first-rate book for plant lovers and naturalists alike. The photography is superior."

—John Bagnasco, Garden Compass

"Has a decidedly international outlook, giving an overview of the amazing worldwide diversity of carnivorous plants. Perhaps its most noteworthy features are the many crystal-clear close-up color images of the plants, most of which are quite attractive to humans as well as to insects!"


About the authors

Wilhelm Barthlott

Wilhelm Barthlott, Ph.D., is head of the Nees Institute of Plant Biodiversity and director of the botanical gardens at the University of Bonn where he has developed one of the world's largest carnivorous plant collections.

Read more about Wilhelm Barthlott

Stefan Porembski

Stefan Porembski, Ph.D., is director of the botanical garden and botanical institute at the University of Rostock where he studies the ecology of tropical carnivorous plants.

Read more about Stefan Porembski

Rüdiger Seine

Rüdiger Seine, Ph.D., is an astronaut trainer at the European Astronaut Center in Cologne. His doctorate focused on tropical ecology and the systematics of the sundews.

Read more about Rüdiger Seine

Inge Theisen

Inge Theisen, Ph.D., works as a research scientist at the Nees Institute of the University of Bonn where she studies the molecular genetics and evolution of the largest carnivorous plant family, the bladderworts.

Read more about Inge Theisen

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