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Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest: A Beer Lover's Guide to Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia

By Lisa M. Morrison

Settle in with this fine guidebook to find out why we call her the Beer Goddess ... and mean it!

The Oregonian

Discover the region that put microbrews on the map! The Pacific Northwest is home to the most exciting beers in the world — from the famed Deschutes Black Butte Porter to lesser-known gems like Silver City Fat Scotch Ale.

Beer expert Lisa Morrison leads readers through each suds-soaked region, with 18 walkable pub crawls spanning the 115 key breweries and brew pubs in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia — if a brewery is worth visiting, it's in here.

With vivid profiles featuring both craft beer pioneers and the new breed of passionate brewers that are defining the future of beer of this region — as well as a beer primer, must-try beers, and a list of the best bottle shops — this accessible guide is your ticket to the craft beers of the Pacific Northwest, both in and out of the glass!

Media reviews

"Experience the city's beer-loving spirit first-hand."

U.S. News & World Report

"The ultimate guide for locals looking to have a perfect time enjoying the craft beers of the Pacific Northwest."

—Elizabeth Franklin, Portland Book Review

"If you don't live or regularly travel to the Pacific Northwest, watch out. You'll be itching to toss this book into a bag and board a flight."

Serious Eats

"A well-written and entertaining travel guide to the best breweries and pubs in this region."


"I will need to buy several copies as I am going to wear them out as I use them as my new 'where do we go next?' guide in the Pacific Northwest."


"Interesting facts and insider tips."

Seattle Weekly

"Morrison employs an entertaining, readable style that imparts a lot of information to the reader without becoming repetitive or stale."

Vancouver Sun

"This book offers 18 pubcrawls. ... Grab it, get to Portland, or Seattle, or Vancouver and start wandering."

Ale Street News

"This comprehensive coverage of our ever-expanding corner of Beervana focuses on all the best of the best."


"Will pique your beery interest for years to come, yet is slim enough to slip into your travel bag."


"A real winner."


"Gives very valuable information to the prospective beer connoisseur. I’ve found my new drinking buddy, and it's only 200 pages long."


About the author

Lisa M. Morrison

Lisa Morrison is host and producer of Beer O'Clock!, the Pacific Northwest's only weekly, hour-long commercial radio show devoted to craft beer. She writes for nearly every beer-related magazine in the country and has been teaching beer-tasting classes for women in and around Portland, Oregon, for more than a decade.

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