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Consider the Leaf: Foliage in Garden Design

By Judy Glattstein

Pleasant to read, informative ... an altogether unique and delightful book.

Newark Star-Ledger

What gardener hasn't been disappointed with borders after spring blooms have faded? Designing a garden with the focus on flowers is missing half the fun, according to the author, an expert plantswoman and popular horticultural educator. Working on the premise that the form of the leaf is the most important design element, Glattstein explains the basic leaf shapes and how to balance them pleasingly. Color also adds dimension to plantings, and Glattstein includes individual chapters focusing on specific tonal palettes. Each chapter is filled with plant suggestions and hints for successfully incorporating foliage into the garden. More than 110 photographs illustrate foliage effects, from subtle to dramatic. This lively and information-rich book will benefit gardeners and landscape designers alike.

Media reviews

"Consider the Leaf helps you add plants that will provide interesting leaf forms, textures and colors."

San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles

"Presents designs for low-maintenance gardens in a range of climates and offers lessons for beginning gardeners and some ideas starters for professionals."

Landscape Architecture

"Pleasant to read, informative and, with lots of pictures, an altogether unique and delightful book."

—John Van de Water, Newark Star-Ledger

"Writing in an engaging style that should inspire gardeners regardless of skill level, ... Glattstein shows her value as an instructor."


"I couldnít help but be impressed with the authorís breadth of knowledge, and her ability to present the information in a natural manner, without even talking down to her readers."

—Jim Kemper, Chicago Botanic Garden

"Consider the Leaf offers options for low-maintenance plantings in a wide range of climates. Glattstein integrates examples from horticulture professionals and experienced amateur gardeners who have used foliage to provide solutions to their landscaping challenges."

Michigan Gardener

"Beginners and experienced gardeners alike will benefit from this inspirational volume."

—Connie Krochmal, Washington Daily News

"If you are inclined to investigate further the effective use of plant foliage in the garden, I have just the book for you ... Judy provides concrete examples of how to mix and match plants with distinctive foliage for beauty and to solve landscape problems over all seasons."

—Liz Ball, Springfield Press

"Best of all ... is the range of options presented."

Gardener for the Prairies

"An engrossing read."

—Mary Davies, Irish Garden

"One of the most inspiring gardening books I have read."

—Sherie Schmader, Hunterdon Review

"A valuable book for gardeners and landscape designers."

Avant Gardener

"A book to delve into for inspiration and vicarious horticultural pleasure."

—Marge Howard-Jones, California Garden

"Judy Glattstein does an excellent job in bringing to the attention of gardeners and designers, the importance of the color and texture of foliage of trees, shrubs and perennials ... The price, considering the value of the information contained in the book is simply remarkable."

—John E. Bryan, Gardening Newsletter

"Consider the Leaf is festooned with striking color photos supporting Glattstein's appreciation of foliage."

—John Monteith, Delaware Valley News

"Even if you don't care a whit about foliage, you'll be amazed at the depth of gardening knowledge to be learned from the author."

Hunterdon County Democrat

"This lively and information-rich book, filled with plant suggestions and hints for successfully incorporating foliage into the garden, will benefit gardeners and landscape designers alike."

PPA News

"Glattstein explains basic leaf shapes and how to balance them plasingly."

Publishers Weekly

"If you're one of those gardeners with a boring, yew-infested yard, and don't have time to plant and care for a lot of here-today, gone-tomorrow flowers, this book is your game plan."

—George Weigel, People Places Plants

"Written in a pleasantly conversational style."

—Lori D. Kranz, Bloomsbury Review

"A substantial read for serious gardeners."


"Over 100 photographs help show how foliage combinations work together, so that you still have exciting contrasts of color, texture, and shape even when there are no flowers."

—Elizabeth Licata, Buffalo Spree

"Garden expert Judy Glattstein offers a thorough and thoughtful consideration of all the greenery that makes up a garden and how to use it to best advantage."

—Jeanette Ross, Greenwich Post

"A comprehensive guide to using foliage successfully in the garden."

—David Wheeler, Garden (Peterborough)

"You might expect a book listing plant combinations to be repetitious and boring, but Glattstein crafts the images so well that you feel you are traveling through a carefully designed garden, admiring the gardener's skill at selecting just the right plants to enhance each other's attributes and focus your attention."

—Karin E. Guzy, Perennial Notes

"The know-how is here."

—Jim Carlson, Country Almanac

"It's overflowing with good advice."

—Marty Figley, Michigan Observer and Eccentric

"Full of more practical ideas than a year's subscription to mosts gardening mags."

More From Isthmus

"Very informative reading."

—Anne Marie Van Nest, St. Catherines Standard

"Consider the Leaf is a chatty horticultural primer on how to use foliage in garden design."

—Barbara Lloyd McMichael, Bremerton Sun

"A well-rounded, personal account of how leaf form, color, and texture may be used to best effect in the garden."

SciTech Book News

"Eureka! Judy Glattstein in her 2003 book has written just what we need to reconsider ... The author clearly provides insights into plant materials and plant hardiness zones and where plants are best sited in the landscape."

—Thomas D. Church, Graine Thumb

"A treasure trove of solid information about foliage plants ... Glattenstein writes in a lively, accessible manner with obvious enthusiasm for plants."

—Ethel Fried, Manchester (CT) Journal Inquirer

"A delightfully different, innovative approach to the esthetics of garden design–highly recommended."


"The text ... offer[s] helpful suggestions for beginning gardeners as well as providing inspiration for professionals."

—Suzanne Hively, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"This lively and information-rich book, filled with plant suggestions and hints for successfully incorporating foliage into the garden, will benefit gardeners and landscape designers alike."

Perennial Plant Association Newsletter

About the author

Judy Glattstein

Judy Glattstein is a garden consultant and the author of several gardening books and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. She is a popular instructor at the New York Botanical Garden and the Cook College Office of Continuing Professional Education at Rutgers University and lectures widely both in the United States and abroad.

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