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Coleus: Rainbow Foliage for Containers and Gardens

By Ray Rogers

Photographs by Richard Hartlage

Can turn even a curmudgeonly coleophobe into an ardent admirer as Rogers enumerates their many benefits.

San Diego Union-Tribune

Coleus are no longer your grandmother's parlor plants. Favorites during the Victorian era, these plants have made a dramatic comeback with a dazzling variety of leaf color, shape, and pattern. No other plant is so easy to grow and propagate. Their sumptuous colors and tough constitution make coleus ideal both as attention-getting focal points and as complements to other foliage or flowering plants. In this lavishly illustrated volume, expert plantsman Ray Rogers offers equal parts of design inspiration and practical advice. The heart of the book is an encyclopedia that describes and evaluates more than 225 varieties.

Media reviews

"Ray Rogers takes a comprehensive look at these garden staples and even shows a few uses for them, such as training them into topiaries, that we never thought of. If you haven't been tempted by the new cultivars and want to see what all the chatter is about, this is the place to start."

—Susan Banks, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Any coleus lover will find it enjoyable and educational."

—John Bagnasco, Garden Compass

"Can turn even a curmudgeonly coleophobe into an ardent admirer as Rogers enumerates their many benefits. The stunning color photographs by Richard Hartlage add even more credence to the claim that coleus have their place in almost any garden setting."

San Diego Union-Tribune

"[Rogers] shows how gardeners can get the maximum benefits from this colorful plant. ... Recommended."

—Phillip Oliver, Library Journal

"A wonderful book for any gardener. The coleus is truly a versatile plant, but also an essential plant for every garden."

—Thomas Mickey, Portsmouth Herald

"Revels ... in the diversity of the plant."

—Adrian Higgins, Washington Post

"For a lover of coleus, this book would be a welcome gift and a valuable reference. An added bonus is the beautiful photography, which is sure to provide delightful diversion in the darker months."

—Karla Dalley, Connecticut Horticultural Society Newsletter

About the author

Ray Rogers

Ray Rogers has won more than 100 top awards and blue ribbons for plant displays at flower shows over the course of thirty years, including 11 "best in show" containers. After a career in public horticulture with the Morris Arboretum and the American Horticultural Society, he turned to writing, speaking, and editing.

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