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The Classic Cattleyas

By A. A. Chadwick and Arthur E. Chadwick

Everything about this book simply screams, 'Read me.'


In 1818, William Cattley succeeded in flowering one of the first species of the genus that would bear his name. These first cattleyas are the classic cattleyas, whose form defined the essence of tropical orchids for generations to come. Indeed, the color of their flowers became known as "orchid." In this helpful and informative book, each classic Cattleya species is described in fascinating detail, and its role in breeding programs is elucidated. All that is required to appreciate and grow the large-flowered cattleyas successfully is included. Cultivation, humidity and watering, fertilizing, propagation, and diagnosing and treating problems are detailed, making this volume valuable for both veteran orchid enthusiasts and those who simply love these beautiful flowers.

Media reviews

"Comprehensive, a pleasure to handle and read ... I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in these handsome plants."

—Isobyl la Croix, Orchid Review

"Another in the long line of fine horticulture books from this publisher. Everything about this book simply screams, 'Read me.' While the main focus of the book is on the species, Chadwick also discusses the early days of cattleya hybridizing, giving a wonderfully accurate picture of how we arrived at the dizzying breadth and range of colors now seen."

—Ned Nash, Orchids

"While the title may seem like this book is only for cattleya growers, it really tells the story of the discovery of tropical orchids by western civilization. Every orchid hobbyist should have a copy even if they do not grow cattleyas."

—Courtney T. Hackney, Orchid Digest

About the authors

A. A. Chadwick

A. A. Chadwick has grown orchids, especially cattleyas, since 1943. He is a long-time contributor of feature articles on Cattleya cultivation, hybridizing, and history to Orchids, the journal of the American Orchid Society.

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Arthur E. Chadwick

Arthur E. Chadwick, the son of A. A. Chadwick, founded Chadwick & Son Orchids in 1989 in Powhatan, Virginia, and writes regularly on orchid culture for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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