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Christopher Lloyd's Garden Flowers: Perennials, Bulbs, Grasses, Ferns

By Christopher Lloyd

The book to own. ... A reference book with a human voice ... to read through again and again, both for entertainment as well as to learn more than you can imagine coming from one person's brain.

Valerie Easton, Horticulture

Now available in paperback, this book represents the fruit of Lloyd's lifetime study of perennials. Genus by genus, he sets down everything he has learned, thought, seen, tried, liked, or regretted about them, individually or in combination. He is formidably knowledgeable, iconoclastic, opinionated, and always entertaining. Here, meticulously recorded, are his expert opinions about numerous varieties of flowering garden plants, from Acanthus to Zigadenus, accompanied by spectacular photographs from Jonathan Buckley and others. Any gardener will find themselves opening this book time and again with pleasure and the frequent thought, "I MUST grow this one, too."

Awards for this book: Garden Writers' Guild Book Award, New York Times Editor's Choice - Best Books for Gardening

Media reviews

"My personal favorite. The prolific Lloyd is delightfully opinionated and crusty."

—Dulcy Mahar, Oregonian

"[This] is the book to own. It is that rarest of beasts — a reference book with a human voice ... to read through again and again, both for entertainment as well as to learn more than you can imagine coming from one person's brain."

—Valerie Easton, Horticulture

"One of the first great plant books of the twenty-first century: an engaging personal survey of the perennial world ... Thoroughly delightful reading for garden lovers anywhere."

—Marge Howard-Jones, Pacific Horticulture

"A lifetime of experience among plants has been distilled, species by species, variety by variety, into a highly distinguished abecedarium."

—Verlyn Klinkenborg, New York Times Book Review

"Want help picking a terrific plant for your garden? You'll find it in this exciting book, which summarizes gardening maestro Christopher Lloyd's lifetime of experimentation and observation at his famed English estate."

—Kristine Moe, Seattle Times

"Described by Anna Pavord as 'the book I have been waiting for all my gardening life', here is yet another invaluable book from Britain's most esteemed garden writer and plantsman."

Gardens Illustrated

"A treat for gardeners everywhere, this is the author’s lifetime study of the gardener’s main materials and indispensable elements of a beautiful garden."

Wisley Bookshop

"Having criticized some British imports, I'll now make amends and rave about Christopher Lloyd's Garden Flowers for its beauty, explicit cultural information and contrarian wit."

—Pamela Lord, Gardener for the Prairies

"At 384 pages, this hefty book, with its superb photos to inspire you, sage advice to educate you, and sardonic humor to enertain you, would be great for winter perusal and an equally good choice as a gift for your favorite gardening friend."

Northeast Colorado Gardening Newsletter

"One of the big reasons Lloyd is my favorite garden writer is his totally honest, opinionated, and even acidic commentary."

—Jimmy Williams, Paris (TN) Post Intelligencer

"Always informative and always entertaining (a rare quality for a reference book)…. It is a volume that belongs in every gardening collection."

—Rachael Green, American Reference Books Annual

"A unique opportunity for gardeners everywhere to benefit from a master's experience."

North County Times

"Get this book. It will provide endless hours of pleasure."

—Jean S. Wexler, Vineyard Gazette

"He has a thorough knowledge of plants, their culture and combinations with flair. The book is as much fun to read as a good novel."

—Judy Glattstein, Home Monthly

"Imagine being taken under the wing of a master gardener."

FTD in Bloom

"What I like most about this book is Lloyd's obvious (and infectious!) love of plants that permeate every eloquently written word."

—Sarah Robertson, Roseburg News-Review

"For an appraisal of plant life, the book can’t be topped."

—Suzanne Hively, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"These chock-full, fascinating pages may leave readers in awe that someone has been able to try so many plants and absorb so much detailed information."

Biology Digest

"The essence of this famous gardener’s lifetime of experience – a monumental and lively report of everything he has learned, thought, seen tried, liked or regretted about a great range of perennial plants."

Avant Gardener

"This is an important addition to my library, and will be used constantly."

—Nigel Colborn, Garden (Peterborough)

"This is a one man band covering everything from Acanthus to Zigadenus."

—Barney Lipscomb, Sida, Contributions to Botany

"It is hard to imagine any gardener anywhere using and re-using this book without pleasure, excitement, instruction, amusement, and the frequent reaction: “I must grow this ... we really must get that.” It is surely impossible to read it without looking at the garden with new eyes and new ideas."

Science News

"[Christopher Lloyd's] sumptously illustrated text shares a lifetime of trial and error."

—Rebecca Sawyer-Fay, Country Living Gardener

"No dedicated gardener would want to give up reading the great British garden writers like Christopher Lloyd, who has condensed a lifetime of sometimes rude and always passionate opinions into a wonderful new book."

—Carol Stocker, Boston Globe

"This is an excellent book."

Library Journal

"In telling us what they know [Christopher] Lloyd and [Pamela] Harper cannot help also telling us what they see and what they think. This not only makes their accounts entertaining, but also reveals the inner workings of the gardener's mind, qualities that transcend the local, climatic vagaries of their respective gardens."

—Adrian Higgins, Washington Post

"Without wasting words, he uses his refreshing dry humor to sum up his experience with each genus. The book's design is crisp and clean. The photographs ar generous and offer lovely glimpses into the master gardener's garden."

—Linda Coyner, Senior Women Web

"Every entry, from Achillea to Zigadenus, is equally distinguished by Lloyd's iconoclastic and delightful words of plant wisdom."

Buffalo Spree

"Each entry is entertaining and informative."

—David Bennett McMullin, Perennial Notes

"The encyclopedic format of the book begins, making it easy for the gardener to look up a given plant and discover the positive and negative things Lloyd has to say about it."

Northeast Colorado Gardening Newsletter

"This is a book to own, to read piecemeal and to enjoy."

—Adele Kleine, Chicago Botanic Garden

"The photos are “hot stuff” in terms of the color combinations and interesting plants ... Quite obviously this book is great reading, and wil certainly encourage you to be daring."

—Ann Milovsoroff, Pappus

"There are garden books that are practical, and there are garden books that look good on your coffee table. And then there are garden books that you read in bed even if you don't have a garden. Such are the books of the very English, very opinionated and very snobbish Christopher Lloyd."

—Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, Western Living

"Christopher Lloyd’s Garden Flowers should be on every gardener’s bookshelf."

—Marty Figley, Michigan Observer and Eccentric

"Christopher Lloyd's characteristic enthusiasm for perennials bubbles forth from this volume."

California Garden

"I like a book with great pictures, and this book has got it ... An explosion of color."

—Linda Cobb, Spartanburg Herald-Journal

"This latest book of Lloyd’s is a wonderfully personal encyclopedia…"

—Sarah Robertson, Eugene Register-Guard

"A treat to read."

—Patricia A. Taylor, Trenton Times

"A much loved English garden writer with an eye for details, Lloyd spills the stored-up beans with lavish descriptions of his favorite plants and their growing tips."

—Marianne Binetti, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"His humorous remarks, entertaining and educating, along with plants listed A-Z for easy access, as well as, his great knowledge of plants will be appreciated by the garden reader."

National Council of State Garden Clubs Book Reviews

"Christopher Lloyd's new book, Garden Flowers, demonstrates all that is best about our greatest garden plantsman. No-one else can do practical advice so pithily."

Garden (Peterborough)

About the author

Christopher Lloyd

The late Christopher Lloyd (1921-2006) lived in the 15th century half-timbered manor house of Great Dixter his entire life. He is the author of a string of bestselling garden classics, and in 1979 the Royal Horticultural Society conferred on him its highest award, the Victoria Medal of Honour.

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