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Cats' A. B. C.

By Beverley Nichols

Highly entertaining observations.

Journal Inquirer

Are you concerned that your friends would melt away if they overheard your conversations with your kitties? Do you worry that it's not natural to know — really know — exactly what your cats are thinking?

If so, Beverley Nichols is a kindred spirit with delightfully witty and utterly absorbing tales about his three cats, Four, Five, and Oscar. Explaining every permutation of cat psychology from "Amusements" to "Zoos," Nichols has written an unforgettable and loving tale of the enduring bonds between cats and people.

About the author

Beverley Nichols

Beverley Nichols (1898–1983) was a prolific writer on subjects ranging from religion to politics and travel, in addition to authoring six novels, five detective mysteries, four children's stories, six autobiographies, and six plays. He is perhaps best remembered today for his gardening books.

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