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Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada (Second edition)

By Donald E. Schnell

In this greatly expanded and revised edition of his classic treatment, Donald Schnell examines in detail the 45 species and numerous hybrids of carnivorous plants that grow in the U.S. and Canada. Information on each species includes an identifying description, the preferred habitat, the range in which it can be found, and the season for flowering and trapping, making this book a useful field guide as well as a fascinating source of leisure reading. With a full array of maps, drawings, and 200 color photos, this volume promises to enrich every enthusiast's library with a wealth of information. Hobbyists will find much to their liking as well. Schnell gives detailed instructions for growing these plants.

Media reviews

"If you want to explore the botany, ecology, and horticulture of a fascinating subset of North America's magnificent flora, this book is a must."

—C. Colston Burrell, Horticulture

"Twice as large as the original and filled with some 200 incredible photographs, it is effectively a new book."

—John Van de Water, Newark Star-Ledger

"Experienced carnivorous plant enthusiasts and interested beginners alike will find all the information they need for selecting and growing carnivorous plants successfully."

American Gardener

"This expanded second edition of Carnivorous Plants of the U.S. and Canada is a 'must' for any reference librarian which specializes in botany or nature."


"This book can be used as a field guide for exploring this interesting family of plants."

—Pauline Keegan, Hobby Greenhouse

"The modest price is a best buy! A complete resource for science teachers, naturalists, plant-lovers or serious gardeners with a passion for learning."

—Richard Poffenbaugh, Mansfield News Journal

"This book can be appreciated by people of all interest levels and expertise."

—Elaine Jurries, American Reference Books Annual

"I highly recommend this book to all persons interested in carnivorous plants."

—James Riser II, Plant Science Bulletin

"[This] is an excellent book on the subject."

—Steve Whysall, Vancouver Sun

"A wonderful field guide incorporating a wealth of information from Schnell's 40 years of field work ... [this] book is one I would recommend for hobbyists interested in growing these plants, as well as anyone who would like to know how these fascinating plants exist in nature."

—Jane Villa-Lobos, Plant Talk

"Each chapter of Carnivorous Plants is stocked with lavish photographs and vivid descriptions of the plants' natural occurences and unique characteristics ... [It] will provide every enthusiast's library with a wealth of information."

Biology Digest

"A worthwhile prize to add to any library ... A hardback that deserves to be placed in a collection of insectivorous books that will exist thoughout time. Although many of us carnivorous plant fanatics may be cognizant about their care and culture, this book presents information about their habitat and where they grow in a new and Euclidian manner."

—Greg Lum, Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society Newsletter

"Grab this Schnell."


"The photos ... are spectacular, and the habitat maps provide useful information at a glance."

Off the Shelf

"In this splendid addition to the botanical literature, pathologist and dedicated naturalist Schnell provides valuable new information based on his more than 40 years of fieldwork ... Many maps, drawings, and 200 truly excellent color photographs, virtually all by the author, contribute greatly to the wealth of textual information and therefore to the usefulness and importance of this book. Highly recommended for every library's collection of botanical materials for both scientists and hobbyists."


"Experienced carnivorous plant enthusiasts and interested beginners alike will find all the information they need for selecting and growing carnivorous plants successfully."

American Gardener

"A wealth of information and absolutely beautiful color pictures."

Canadian Field-Naturalist

"This is a most interesting book filled with beautiful, detailed pictures of carnivorous plants and maps of their location."

—Donna Goodwyn, E-Streams

"This book is an excellent reference ... Of interest to botanists and researchers, as well as serious hobbyists."

Northeastern Naturalist

"The original ... has been a sound and useful source of information on distribution, ecology, and taxonomy of the carnivorous plants of the United States for many years. The second edition ... represents a prodigious expansion on the first."

—James Riser II, Plant Science Bulletin

"An invaluable addition to the bookshelf and field backpack."

—Aaron M. Ellison, Quarterly Review of Biology

"The vast amount of detailed information included in the book makes it an excellent reference source for this type of plants. Moreover, the historical information and Schnell's personal accounts make it a pleasurable read as well ... This fascinating book is definitely one you'll want to bite into."

—Joanna Miller, Water Gardening

"Fascinating ... Schnell's book will be an invaluable reference source and guide."

—Patricia A. Taylor, Trenton Times

"I would highly recommend this book to be added to any carnivorous plant enthusiast's collection ... This is by far the most authoritative, complete treatise of [carnivorous] plants available."

—Chris Teichreb, Vancouver Carnivorous Plant Club Newsletter

"It was worth the wait! At long last, we have a greatly revised and expanded edition ... Photographs in this new edition are of superior quality and far more numerous than in the original."

—Susan Farrington, St. Louis Carnivorous Plant Society Newsletter

"The quality of the photographs is superb. You might well think you are lying down in the very bog where the plants are growing."

—Ray Collett, University of California at Santa Cruz Arboretum Bulletin

About the author

Donald E. Schnell

Donald E. Schnell is a pathologist and a dedicated naturalist. His fieldwork on carnivorous plants spans over forty years; he has published over thirty papers in refereed botanical journals as well as many popular articles on his favorite subjects. He was a founding coeditor (with J. A. Mazrimas) of the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter and is a member of several botanical societies. A native of Ohio, he received his medical education at Ohio State University College of Medicine. After completing his residency in pathology and serving as a physician in the U.S. Army, he established his practice in North Carolina. Dr. Schnell continues to avidly pursue his interest in the carnivorous plants of the continent, traveling and photographing in the company of his wife, Brenda. He lives and works in Pulaski, Virginia.

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