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Bulbophyllums and Their Allies: A Grower's Guide

By Emly S. Siegerist

This is the first book devoted solely to bulbophyllums, a very diverse group of orchids comprising the largest genus in the orchid family; it is an introductory guide for amateur and advanced orchid growers. The author focuses on those species likely to be cultivated, including 375 Bulbophyllum species and 170 related species and hybrids; she gives practical suggestions on how best to grow each plant in cultivation.

Media reviews

"As the first book devoted to this group of orchids and because of its diversity in habitat, floral structure, widespread geographic distribution, and other striking characteristics, this book is highly recommended."


"The growing recommendations are excellent and would be a great help in the culture of these plants."

—Elizabeth A. DeNiro, Hobby Greenhouse

"[A guide of] 375 examples of this genera and 170 related species and hybrids."

SciTech Book News

"Anyone interested in growing orchids will find [Bulbophyllums and Their Allies: A Grower's Guide] ... informative and insightful."

—Kymberly Goodson, E-Streams

"The first book devoted solely to bulbophyllums — a very diverse group of orchids comprising the largest genus in the orchid family."

Wisley Bookshop

"Well suited for a botanical reference library, an orchid judge, or the hobby grower ... The growing recommendations are excellent."

—Elizabeth A. DeNiro, Hobby Greenhouse

"Emily Siegerist has written the first user-friendly guide to the genus and its close relatives ... There are some 77 color plates with very high quality photographs and this of itself makes the book an attractive acquisition."

—Harold Koopowitz, Orchid Digest

"This is a book for the dedicated orchid grower."

—Diana Pederson, Suite101.com

"Enjoyable to read ... It is a book for growers and orchid lovers. As such it is well written, informative, and excellent as a guide."

—Joseph Arditti, Plant Science Bulletin

"Siegerist has produced an excellent book for both hobbyist and commercial growers. As usual, the book is produced well and affordable."

—Yoneo Sagawa, Hawaii Orchid Journal

About the author

Emly S. Siegerist

Emly S. Siegerist is an amateur orchidist whose work on Bulbophyllum led to her being made a Harvard Fellow and research associate of the Oakes Ames Orchid Herbarium at Harvard University in 1983. She has published many orchid articles with Dr. Leslie A. Garay of Harvard. Emly has been an American Orchid Society judge since 1984.

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