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The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids: 101 Ways to Get Kids Outside, Dirty, and Having Fun

By Whitney Cohen and John Fisher

Parents who rely on the authors' child-inclusive approach to gardening will reap rewards that go far beyond the produce bin.


Raising kids and maintaining a garden can be a juggling act, leaving the family garden forgotten and neglected. But kids can make great gardening companions, and the benefits of including them are impossible to ignore. Gardening gets kids outdoors, increases their connection to plants and animals, and helps build enthusiasm for fresh fruits and vegetables. Their involvement becomes the real harvest of a family garden.

In The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids, Whitney Cohen and John Fisher draw on years of experience in the Life Lab Garden Classroom and gardening with their own children to teach parents how to integrate the garden into their family life, no matter its scope or scale. The book features simple, practical gardening advice, with 101 engaging, family-friendly garden activities, including how to design a play-friendly garden, ideas for fun-filled theme gardens, and how to cook and preserve the garden's bounty.

This step-by-step guide to working side-by-side with kids will inspire all parents to grow their own little gardener and to get dirty, plant seeds, and enjoy the garden's delicious rewards.


Media reviews

"Offers fun ideas for things to do with children."

Philadelphia Inquirer

"This joyful book provides inspiration and instruction on doing just that."

Rockland Courier-Gazette

"A great go-to source of fun for years to come."

ABCs and GardenPeas.com

"Full of ideas and projects for plots (or patience levels) of any size."


"This hands-on approach makes school garden projects accessible, inexpensive, and sustainable."

San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance

"Cohen and Fisher will help your kids develop their green thumbs."

Sierra Club's Green Life blog

"Parents who rely on the authors' child-inclusive approach to gardening will reap rewards that go far beyond the produce bin."


"Offers pointers for designing family-friendly gardens, involving kids in the work of growing and encouraging them to eat the fruits of their labors."

Akron Beacon Journal

"Contains tons of unique gardening ideas ... making this book a must-have."


"A useful and inspirational guide to introduce children to the fun of growing and eating delicious fresh food."

School Library Journal

About the authors

Whitney Cohen

Whitney Cohen is the education director at Life Lab and presents garden-based learning workshops for educators across the country. Her expertise in gardening with children comes from years as an environmental educator, a middle school science teacher, a teacher trainer, and, most recently, a mother.

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John Fisher

John Fisher is Life Lab's director of outreach and communication. He designed and helped build Life Lab's one-acre garden classroom, and has created videos and websites on garden-based learning for Life Lab and the University of California Santa Cruz Farm.

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