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A Book of Blue Flowers

By Robert Geneve

People who love blue ... should find this book so inspiring they may rip up their flower beds and replant.

Charlotte Observer

Perhaps the most uncommon hue in the plant kingdom, the color blue strikes a distinctive note in any garden. In this fascinating book, now available in paperback, Robert Geneve provides a wide selection of blue flowers that will help readers expand the range of colors in their gardening palettes — from powder blue and turquoise to navy and violet. A well-traveled garden visitor and gifted photographer, the author has included more than 150 stunning photos of blue flowers from gardens around the world. A Book of Blue Flowers is an ideal handbook for gardeners of all skill levels and in any climate.

Media reviews

"By including plants from the USA, Australia, Asia, and Europe the author has ensured that this book's appeal is wide-ranging."

—Christine Shaw, Gardens Illustrated

"[We] owe him thanks for organizing blue flowers into an easy-to-use reference book."

—Joanne S. Carpender, National Gardener

"Packed with details gardeners will appreciate."


"People who love blue ... should find this book so inspiring they may rip up their flower beds and replant. And there is plenty to choose from, thanks to salvias, veronicas, violas, and torenias, whose blooms appear in a vast range of hues."

—Nancy Brachey, Charlotte Observer

"If you have a passion for blue plants, you might be able to get your fill by picking up a copy ... Not only does [Geneve] list practically every blue plant ever grown, he provides all the information necessary to raise them."

—David Hobson, Grand River Life

"If you are enchanted with blue blossoms, you’ll want to read ‘A Book of Blue Flowers’."

—Natalie Walsh, Schenectady Daily Gazette

"Just the ticket for those who are crazy about blue and all its shades."

—Marty Figley, Michigan Observer and Eccentric

"Gardeners will find this an eye-opening and useful contribution to their horticultural library."

—Carol L. Noll, American Reference Books Annual

"The difficulty of defining what is blue — with a limitless range of shades — is expertly dealt with by the author ... Eminently readable and well-organized."

Current Books on Gardening and Botany

"If you're fond of blue, here's a fine compendium of flowers of that hue with good descriptions and propagation tips."

—Judy Glattstein, Home Monthly

"A garden designer for whom blue is a basic color in every design offers some valuable suggestions."

Avant Gardener

"This book will prove indispensable for gardeners who wish to add blue to their landscapes."

Cincinnati Enquirer

"The photographs along with the quality of writing makes this an outstanding book which I enthusiastically recommend for the gardener on your gift list."

—Diana Pederson, Suite101.com

"If blue is the color you seek in garden flowers, this book has plenty of ideas for you."

American Gardener

"Every gardener can use this book to get the most blue flower color into beds and borders."

—Barbara Blossom Ashmun, Fine Gardening

"Beautiful color photographs illustrate Geneve's handsome highly accessible resource, offering valuable guidance and lots of ideas for gardeners of all levels."


"A good handbook for gardeners in all climates."

Denver Post

"Describes more than 150 flowers that range from aquamarine to blue-violet. We owe [Geneve] thanks for organizing blue flowers into an easy-to-use reference book."

—Joanne S. Carpender, Greenleaf Bulletin

"A comprehensive compendium of the rarest colour in nature, including an explanation of why and how the colour blue is created in plants. Excellent photographs and plant descriptions."

Ontario Gardener

"At last we have a compendium of information that explains some of the mystery without stripping away the romance of this alluring, irresistible flower color."

—Linda Beutler, Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Bulletin

"Most of the book is devoted to an extensive plant list of blue flowers, with complete descriptions of propagation, species, and cultivars. This book expresses an academic approach to gardening that may be of special interest to gardeners looking for authoritative information…."

—Marge Howard-Jones, California Garden

"Now, thanks to the efforts of Robert Geneve…we have A Book of Blue Flowers."

—Ethel Fried, Manchester (CT) Journal Inquirer

"The photographs are quite stunning, and I was pleased to see numerous bulbs featured."

—John E. Bryan, Gardening Newsletter

"If blue's your color, this is the guide for you."

—George Weigel, Harrisburg Patriot-News

"He makes the science of color, and how plants produce it, palatable to even the casual reader…"

Hawaii Horticulture

About the author

Robert Geneve

Robert Geneve is a professor of horticulture at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. He is the coauthor of two other books, one on plant propagation and another on the biotechnology of ornamental plants, and is a frequent contributor to popular gardening magazines.

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