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Blueberries, Cranberries and Other Vacciniums

By Jennifer Trehane

This addition to our series offers a wealth of information and advice on growing blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries, and dozens of lesser-known relatives otherwise known as vacciniums. Jennifer Trehane explores the historical, ornamental, and edible aspects of Vaccinium, a diverse genus of more than 400 species. The culinary importance of these berry-bearing plants is well known, but too few people are aware of their ornamental potential. Many of the plants described in these pages have brightly colored young growth, flowers that are sometimes scented, and either evergreen or deciduous leaves with brilliant fall color. Some vacciniums become large, bold shrubs, while others remain small and compact, making them ideal for containers and small gardens. The author lists dozens of little-known species deserving more attention, and all who read this book will find a range of plants suitable for each garden habitat.

Media reviews

"Here you'll find not only detailed descriptions of hundreds of varieties, but extensive information on the selection and growing of blueberries as well as their propagation."

—John Van de Water, Newark Star-Ledger

"Very few books set me drooling and rushing out to mark planting holes before I've even got the plants. This one has."

—John Walker, Kitchen Garden

"This fascinating book should be on the bookshelf of every gardener in Scotland and northern England."

—Richard O'Connor, Journal of the Scottish Rock Garden Club

"Inspirational to anyone who wishes to grow these wonderful plants."

Wild Foods Forum

"Covers more than 400 species of these fruit-bearing plants."

Avant Gardener

"Sorts out huckleberries from bilberries, highbush blueberries from rabbiteye and lowbush blueberries and cowberries from cranberries. Detailing their cultivation, harvest and uses."

Fruit Growers News

"Highly recommended pick for any in-depth gardening library ... packs in technical growing advice."

—James A. Cox, Library Bookwatch

"Given the association of [the Royal Horticultural Society] and of Timber Press with this book, the reader expects clarity, lots of helpful images, and a combination of botanical information and horticultural instructions. The reader gets exactly this and more."

—Douglas Darnowski, Plant Science Bulletin



"This book is recommended for public, horticultural, and agricultural libraries."

—Rachael Green, American Reference Books Annual

"Very fine color photographs illustrate the book, emphasizing the delightful visual qualities of these plants in cultivation and in the wild."

—Sonja Nelson, American Rhododendron Society Journal

"It is a delightful book on many levels, and I recommend it without reservation."

—Donald Mackay, Heather News

"Expert guidence in using these berry-bearing plants for ornamental purposes."

New Homes and Ideas

"Every aspect of cultivating blueberries is covered in this book ... it is a "must have" book for the fruit enthusiast."

—Jennifer Trehane, Fruit News

"Detailing their cultivation, harvest and uses, Trehane ... offers guidance on pests and diseases while providing a summary of the commercial methods used to grow these wonderful plants."

Fruit Growers News

"In this volume, Jennifer Trehane explores the historical, ornamental and edible aspects of Vaccinium, a diverse genus of more than 400 species."


About the author

Jennifer Trehane

Jennifer Trehane's lifelong passion for camellias stems from her involvement in the family nursery business. Trehane is now one of three directors of the International Camellia Society and travels widely all over the world to see camellias growing in gardens and in the wild.

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