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Bleeding Hearts, Corydalis, and Their Relatives

By Mark C. Tebbitt, Magnus Lidén, and Henrik Zetterlund

A handsome book brimming with practical advice, close-up profiles, and tempting illustrations.

Dallas Morning News

Members of the bleeding heart family, such as the well-known Chinese bleeding heart, have long been among the best-loved flowers of the perennial border. In recent years, however, excitement about this group has reached fever pitch with the introduction of dozens of stunning new discoveries, particularly among the genus Corydalis. Super-hardy and adorned with blossoms in a spectrum of jewel-like colors, their popularity has surged to new heights. Despite this fame, however, and the long-standing interest in the bleeding heart family, little has been written about these versatile and easily grown plants until now.

This thorough guide for gardeners and botanists covers all the cultivated species, hybrids, and cultivars of Corydalis, Dicentra, and allied genera in the bleeding heart family. Written by three international experts and published in association with Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the book features concise descriptions, useful keys to the genera and species that allow for accurate identification of plants, and practical tips to successfully grow and use the plants in the landscape. Additional chapters cover the cultural history, cultivation, natural history, and distribution of the species, while a helpful glossary clarifies botanical terms. Fifty elegant line drawings and 112 vivid photographs showcase the range of brilliant colors and shapes of these botanical gems.

The authors' formidable expertise and knowledge of the plants in the wild and in cultivation make this a must-read for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of perennial plants.

Media reviews

"Valuable for its beauty and well-written content, this book will delight its readers for years. Recommended."

—T. Johnson, Choice

"If you do get a chance, do flip through it. Or read it cover to cover. Or buy it ... the information in it is very, very good."

—Jim Dronenburg, Washington Gardener

"A handsome book brimming with practical advice, close-up profiles, and tempting illustrations."

—Bill Scheick, Dallas Morning News

"Features ... beautiful photos that show the vivid color and fascinating shapes of these woodland beauties."

—Susan Umberger, Lexington Herald-Leader

About the authors

Mark C. Tebbitt

Mark C. Tebbitt teaches botany at the California University in California, Pennsylvania. He holds a PhD in plant taxonomy from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. At home he grows a large collection of Begonia species in terraria, and is developing a new woodland and stream garden, which currently houses a number of Corydalis and Dicentra species, amongst a variety of other plants.

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Magnus Lidén

Magnus Lidén has a PhD in plant systematics from the University of Gothenburg and has described about 100 new species in the bleeding heart family. He is co-author of Corydalis: A Gardener's Guide and a Monograph of the Tuberous Species (1997), and a senior botanical researcher and scientific curator at the Uppsala University Botanic Gardens.

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Henrik Zetterlund

Henrik Zetterlund, the horticultural curator at Gothenburg Botanic Garden, is co-author of Corydalis: A Gardener's Guide and a Monograph of the Tuberous Species (1997). Henrik has participated in numerous collecting expeditions that resulted in the introduction of several Corydalis species.

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