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The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest

By Lawrence Kreisman and Glenn Mason

A comprehensive historic survey ... a beautifully designed and illustrated keepsake.

Seattle Times

This magnificent compendium is the first comprehensive exploration of the Arts and Crafts legacy in the Pacific Northwest. It traces the movement from its 19th-century English beginnings to its flowering in Washington and Oregon through the 1920s and beyond, weaving into a tale of idealism and devotion everything from iconic masterpieces to recent discoveries. Beautifully illustrated with nearly 400 photographs and period graphics, including rare images published here for the first time, this groundbreaking volume is an authoritative reference, a provocative story, and an irresistible treasure trove for Arts and Crafts collectors and enthusiasts everywhere.

Media reviews

"A comprehensive historic survey, ... a beautifully designed and illustrated keepsake."

—Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times

"Capturing the Pacific Northwest in its definitive artistic moment, this book is a visual delight."

—Janet Ore, Western Historical Quarterly

"Not only a delight to view, read, and handle — it also shines a revealing light on the history and the ethos of sustainability of the Pacific Northwest."

—Leland M. Roth, Pacific Northwest Quarterly

"Functions not only as an examination of this particular region's interpretation of Arts and Crafts, but also as a tale of how and why the movement so captivated the popular imagination, from the vantage point of those who embraced it most fully."

Old-House Journal

"While Arts and Crafts aficionados will delight in this book as an authoritative resource, general readers also will find value in the social context this volume provides."

—Barbara Lloyd McMichael, Olympia Olympian

"A hefty 398-page reference with hundreds of photographs and period graphics that would appeal to Arts and Crafts aficionados as well as people who love regional history and old homes."

Everett Herald

"[The authors] have restored a particular kind of balance to a story that has elsewhere tended to inflate into a grand narrative of 'ultimate bungalows' and the celebration of $25,000 vases, leaving behind a more modest but vastly more influential tale of changes in the way people lived as an American middle-class culture began to form. They have framed this tale as a regional one, but it can also be read as simply an American one, with more rain and taller trees."

—John Luke, American Bungalow

"Much more than a nostalgic look back in time. It is first and foremost an authoritative reference for the Arts and Crafts movement in Washington and Oregon in the first quarter of the 20th century. It is also a thoughtful and thoroughly enjoyable read and certainly deserves a 'best buy' rating for its cost."

—Rick Stull, Artist's Magazine

"This readable and handsome work describes and analyzes an important aspect of the art and culture of the Pacific Northwest during the early twentieth century and serves as a valuable reference for further research. Scholars, collectors, and interested lay readers will all enjoy and benefit from reading this book."

—William F. Willingham, Oregon Historical Quarterly

About the authors

Lawrence Kreisman

Lawrence Kreisman holds master's degrees in architecture from the University of Washington, and in English literature from the University of Chicago. His lectures and tours on late nineteenth and early twentieth century design and architecture take place throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Glenn Mason

Glenn Mason, co-owner of Cultural Images, a museum and historical society consulting firm, is an avid Arts and Crafts enthusiast. While director of the Lane County Museum in Eugene, Oregon, and the Cheney Cowles Museum (now Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture) in Spokane, Washington, he helped secure Arts and Crafts collections of regional and national significance.

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