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The Art of Garden Photography

By Ian Adams

By far the most clearly written and helpful reference I've come across for anyone who wants to master the subject of garden photography.


Every gardener who seeks to capture the fleeting moments of perfection in plants and gardens must inevitably turn to photography. In this remarkably clear and informative book, celebrated photographer Ian Adams provides detailed instruction in every aspect of the art and craft of garden photography, from selecting the right equipment to starting a garden photography business.

Chapters include such topics as: Digital cameras, film and filters, sharpness and exposure, abstracts and close-ups, lighting, scouting and preparing the garden, the garden vista, garden structures, gardens through the seasons, finding fine gardens, and making color prints.

Filled with the author's first-hand experience and expert wisdom, The Art of Garden Photography is certain to be a treasured reference for gardeners and garden photographers.

Awards for this book: Garden Writers Association Gold Award

Media reviews

"Ian Adams handles the problem of explaining film based and digital photography superbly in answering the many questions of his workshop students."

—Joanne S. Carpender, National Gardener

"The strengths of this book are in how to think about composition and preparing the site for photography ... but most especially in the photographs themselves."

—Sally Boyson, Saximontana

"The book offers detailed information on film and filters, sharpness and exposure, lighting and even making color prints. ... If you want to learn, the instructions Adams offers are clear, and his examples of photographing are compelling."

—Cynthia Pasquale, Denver Post

"Adams deftly handles photographing gardens and anything to be found in them ... As we turned the pages, we itched to be outside putting the book's tips into practice."

—Stephen Pategas, Ornamental Outlook

"There are few individuals more qualified than Mr. Adams in writing a book about nature photography."

—Joe Schroer, American Peony Society Bulletin

"Besides a how-to-guide, however, the book also showcases some of Adam's best work."

—Mary Beth Breckenridge, Akron Beacon Journal

"Besides being a how-to guide, the book also showcases some of Adams' best work. His photos were shot all over the country, but specific attention is given to locales (such as Cleveland Botanical Garden) in northeastern Ohio, where Adams lives."

Philadelphia Inquirer

"One of the most useful books to come across my desk this year."

—Bobbie Schwartz, Buckeye

"By far the most clearly written and helpful reference I've come across for anyone who wants to master the subject of garden photography."

—Melissa Clark, Designer

"Adams shares a great deal of his expertise on a wide range of aspects of photography, using a stunning collection of his own work to illustrate the topics he includes."

—Terry Peters, North Shore News

"Comparative photographs illustrate techniques with the tools, show the photographer's selecting eye, and demonstrate principles of picture-making ... Beautiful."

—Ann Milovsoroff, Royal Botanical Gardens Newsletter

"Adams drew on his experience teaching workshops and seminars to write a guide thatís thorough and easy to understand."

—Mary Beth Breckenridge, Orange County Register

"Anyone who has ever wanted to capture the pure beauty of a garden in photographs should read this book."

—Sydney Everhart, Iowa Horticulturist

About the author

Ian Adams

Ian Adams' photography reflects America's natural, rural, and historical heritage. He hopes photographs can create a better awareness of these irreplaceable resources for future generations. He draws on 15 years of experience as a freelance photographer, providing advice on garden photography.

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