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Apples of North America: 192 Exceptional Varieties for Gardeners, Growers, and Cooks

By Tom Burford

The long-awaited masterwork by America's greatest apple expert, Tom Burford, is an invaluable resource for lovers of flavorful and historic apples.

Los Angeles Times

Beyond the polished and predictable grocery store display of Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples, a veritable treasure trove of beautiful and uniquely flavored North American varieties awaits the curious. Up for discovery is a fruit with striking watermelon-colored flesh, a prized cider maker with a roughly russeted texture and deep historical roots, an apple that tastes "tart as an unripe persimmon," and the lost-and-found plight of countless more. Names like Smokehouse and Wolf River even evoke other times and places. These fascinating, unfamiliar apples are poised to become new favorites and banish our apple tunnel vision forever.

There is no better person to bring you into this world than Tom Burford: apple enthusiast, propagator, and savior. Tom's stories of this rich apple culture span generations — the Burford family has produced fruit in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia since 1715 — and follow the apple's waves of popularity in America. The book is brimming with beautiful portraits of heirloom and modern apples of merit, each accompanied by distinguishing characteristics and common uses. As the view broadens to the orchard, you will find information on planting, pruning, grafting, and more. The exploration of the apple culminates with an overview of the fruit’s transformative capabilities when pressed, fermented, cooked, or dried.

This wonderful reference will encourage you to seek out new flavors and to give the apple the respect it deserves. It may even inspire you to carve out the space for an orchard of your own.

Media reviews

"A lovely, browsable work for apple enthusiasts."

Library Journal

"The long-awaited masterwork by America's greatest apple expert, Tom Burford, is an invaluable resource for lovers of flavorful and historic apples."

—David Karp, Los Angeles Times

About the author

Tom Burford

Tom Burford, "Professor Apple," is a horticulturist, orchardist, and nurseryman. He is also a consultant specializing in the restoration, re-creation, and design of orchards at historic sites and private estates, as well as backyard and commercial orchards.

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