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Alpine Plants: Ecology for Gardeners

By John E. G. Good and David Millward

Skillfully condenses ... broad subjects into a clear, concise text with gardeners in mind.

Rock Garden Quarterly

Alpine Plants: Ecology for Gardeners explores ecosystems above the treeline on mountains and beyond the treeline in sub-polar regions from a gardener's perspective. It looks at the effects of geology and soils, low temperatures, precipitation, drought, and snow on the morphology and life cycles of alpine plants — including perennial herbs and grasses, annuals and biennials, prostrate and dwarf shrubs, bulbs, and cushion plants. Armed with an understanding of how plants function in these extreme environments, gardeners will be able to tailor their cultivation practices in lowland gardens to mimic the alpine habitat as closely as possible. A concise introduction to the science behind the success of alpine plants, this fascinating and accessible book is an invaluable complement to more plant-focused references.

Media reviews

"Good and Millward (independent scholars) call upon years of cultivating alpine plants to summarize, in a very readable manner, details of alpine environments. ... This book will appeal to readers interested in general aspects of alpine ecosystems."

—D. Goldblum, Choice

"A book for the serious plant professional or the amateur gardener looking for something completely out of the ordinary."

—Bill Andrus, East Oregonian

"Good skillfully condenses ... broad subjects into a clear, concise text with gardeners in mind."

—Joe Strauch, Rock Garden Quarterly

"A great source of information for any avid plantsman attempting to grow alpines either from seed or as purchased plants. It also helps the reader develop a far better appreciation of alpine settings and environments."

—Verna E. Pratt, Alaska Botanical Garden

About the authors

John E. G. Good

Dr. John E. G. Good is a leading alpine plantsman, author, and expert. He is a member of the Alpine Garden Society in the U.K. and is on the Rock Garden Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society. He lives in Wales.

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David Millward

David Millward is a professional geologist with a keen interest in alpine plants, both in their natural habitats and in the garden. He is a member of the Alpine Garden Society. He lives in Scotland.

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