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African Orchids in the Wild and in Cultivation

By Isobyl la Croix and Eric la Croix

Although Africa has fewer orchid species than the other tropical continents, some of the world's most spectacular, and increasingly popular, terrestrial orchids are found in Africa. This guide, covering sub-Saharan Africa, includes all plants available from nurseries and many that are being grown but are not yet available in the trade.

About the authors

Isobyl la Croix

Isobyl la Croix trained as a botanist at the University of Edinburgh where she developed a deep passion for tropical orchids. After graduation, she and her husband spent 22 years in the tropics, mainly in Africa, collecting, studying, and growing orchids. Since her return to the United Kingdom, Isobyl has edited Orchid Review, the doyen of orchid journals.

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Eric la Croix

Isobyl and Eric la Croix have lived and worked for a number of years in several African countries. They now reside in northwestern Scotland and enjoy growing African orchids in their greenhouse. She is a trained botanist and he is an entomologist and avid photographer.

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