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The Green Roof Manual: A Professional Guide to Design, Installation, and Maintenance

By Edmund C. Snodgrass and Linda McIntyre

An outstanding book that can be fully trusted and relied upon as the best source of current information on creating and caring for a green roof.

Holly H. Shimizu, Executive Director, U.S. Botanic Garden

Green roofs — the ultimate in sustainable building practices — continue to generate enormous interest and enthusiasm among architects, landscape designers, and urban planners. Increasingly strict stormwater regulations and the appeal of LEED-related projects have also boosted the popularity and desirability of green roofs. Those who want to build green roofs, however, have few resources to guide them. Until now, no book has taken a comprehensive look at how to effectively adapt green-roof technology to the variable and extreme North American climate, and how to design projects that will function and endure as successfully as those in Germany, Switzerland, and other European countries.

This book fills the gap by providing an overview of practices and techniques that have been effective in North America. The authors offer options regarding structure, function, horticulture, and logistics, as well as surveys of actual projects and analyses of why they have or haven’t succeeded. Approachable and reader-friendly, the manual clearly explains how these complex systems function and how to plan and carry out projects successfully from concept through construction and maintenance. Ideally suited to professionals (including architects, landscape architects, engineers, and designers) and their clients, it brings together key lessons from leaders in the field. Numerous photographs highlight the range of design possibilities and show green roofs both during construction and at various stages of maturity.

At last, those seeking basic information about how to design and build green roofs have a concise, authoritative guide to this exciting new technology.

Media reviews

"Well written and clearly organized, with a wealth of descriptive photos throughout."

SciTech Book News

"The authors offer options regarding structure, function, horticulture and logistics, as well as surveys of actual projects and analyses of why they have or haven't succeeded."

—Kristen Eichenmuller, Green Homebuilder

"Anyone involved with and interested in green roofs would be well advised to acquire this indispensable reference."

—Viveka Neveln, American Gardener

"At last those seeking basic information about how to design and build green roofs have a concise authoritative guide to this exciting new technology."

Western Roofing Magazine

About the authors

Edmund C. Snodgrass

Edmund C. Snodgrass started the first green roof nursery in the United States and has collaborated on green roof research with colleges and universities. A fifth-generation farmer and nurseryman, he is owner and president of Emory Knoll Farms Inc. and Green Roof Plants in Street, Maryland, specializing in plants and horticultural consulting for green roofs.

Read more about Edmund C. Snodgrass

Linda McIntyre

Writer and editor Linda McIntyre specializes in ecology, urbanism, and design. She has served as a staff writer and contributing editor for Landscape Architecture magazine and has worked in law and public policy, focusing on environmental issues, transportation, and international trade.

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