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Dye Plants and Dyeing (Revised Edition)

By John Cannon and Margaret Cannon

Illustrations by Gretel Dalby-Quenet

A newly revised edition of the popular 1994 book, this clear account of plants from which natural dyes can be obtained will be welcomed not only by all who work with fiber arts but also by botanists. The authors have selected 48 plants from different parts of the world and they describe each plant's structure and cultivation, the history of each as a dye source, and the best method for a plant's use based on their own experiments. Most well-known dye plants are discussed, and each plant is beautifully illustrated by Gretel Dalby-Quenet in a full-page painting that shows the colors the plant can yield.

Media reviews

"This is a valuable book for gardeners, hobbyists, teachers and beginners interested in dyeing, spinning and weaving."

—Joanne S. Carpender, National Gardener

"I would recommend this book to you talented crafters who would get excellent advice here, and also to the plant lovers who like to learn more things about their favorite plants."

—Jan Stolen, Hobby Greenhouse

"Loaded with useful information ... This is an excellent book that will be welcomed by novices and more experienced craftsmen and dyers alike."

—Marie Garvey Fowler, Herb Society of America Newsletter

"A practical book for those who want to do more with their plants than just grow them."

—Suzanne Hively, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Well written, informative, and easy to use."

—Katelyn Thomas, Bella Online

"I can imagine the pages of this book becoming well worn and 'naturally dyed' with usage."

—Lugene Bruno, Huntia

"For those botanists interested in the economic uses of plants, this is a volume with excellent coverage of western dye plants."

—Elizabeth Harris, Plant Science Bulletin

"This book is written for a broad range of people interested in fiber crafts, both amateur and professional."

Crafts News

"The book should be of considerable interest and use to both dyers and plant enthusiasts."

—Diane Schmidt, American Reference Books Annual

About the authors

John Cannon

John Cannon was Keeper of Botany at the Natural History Museum, London, until his retirement in 1990. He has botanized and collected in many European countries and has traveled widely in the United States.

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Margaret Cannon

Margaret Cannon was a botanical researcher at the same museum, and has been actively involved with her husband's work and travels. She is now a craft-worker specializing in dyeing, spinning, and weaving.

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