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must-see birds of the pacific northwest

The biogeography of Pacific Northwest butterflies

May 8, 2018

Animals and plants occur where they do, and don’t where they don’t, because of particular characteristics of the landscape in concert with their own adaptations and ecological amplitude. Learn more about the butterflies unique to the biogeographic regions of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with help from Robert Michael Pyle and Caitlin C. LaBar, authors of Butterflies of […]

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3 natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest

August 14, 2017

So you’ve finalized your travel plans, now what? As you explore the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, don’t miss these three iconic wonders, and remember to leave what you find!

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Get outside with this cross-country scavenger hunt

April 17, 2017

Summer is the ideal time to pack up for a journey from coast to coast. Whether you want to study the diversity of landscapes from the Pacific Northwest to New England (and everything in between), or you’re just enjoying afternoon explorations in your own backyard, our Timber Press Field Guides will inspire and educate. How many of these amazing natural wonders you can […]

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Getting to know your region

March 31, 2017

By observing the surrounding countryside in your region, birds present in remnant habitats, parks, and gardens, and researching the species that once lived in your area or passed through during migration, you can discover what species of birds are likely to be attracted to your garden. Then you can plan your garden to cater to […]

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State birds of the Pacific Northwest

March 7, 2017

Birds of the Pacific Northwest describes and illustrates more than 400 bird species commonly encountered in the diverse landscapes of the region. In this excerpt, John Shewey and Tim Blount tell us more about the iconic state birds of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

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Birding profile: Pacific wren

September 12, 2013

The Pacific Wren more than compensates for its diminutive size with a prolonged, bubbly song that seems to spread throughout a damp forest, echoing off of every tree trunk and mossy rock. This happy song packs in more than 30 notes per second, which gives it a kinetic quality. The bird’s scientific name means cave […]

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Birding getaway: Gray skies mean great birds at the Oregon Coast

September 12, 2013

Each fall, great numbers of birds converge from breeding sites in Alaska, arctic Canada, and inland lakes to fill the comparatively temperate bays, coves, and sewage lagoons of the Oregon Coast. Everywhere you turn, you can see loons, grebes, ducks, geese, and enough gulls to keep even the more experienced birders reaching for the field […]

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