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A roadside ditch becomes a blooming oasis

April 4, 2012

The following case study is an excerpt from Creating Rain Gardens. Place: Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A. Designers: Rick and Lucy Briley Installed: Spring 2009 Rain garden size: 2000 square feet (185 square meters) Annual rainfall: 36 inches (90 cm) Our home is located toward the bottom of a street with a slight incline, but during […]

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Head on a swivel: My garden tour

March 16, 2012

Garden writer Benjamin Vogt opened his home garden to visitors during the Wachiska Audubon Society 2011 Garden Tour last summer. Today, he talks about the exciting–and sometimes stressful–experience of sharing your garden with others. It’s Sunday morning, Father’s Day, and already at 8am, three hours before the opening, it’s as muggy as an ocean. I couldn’t […]

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Mow no more: Getting more from your garden

February 29, 2012

Our guest poster today is Evelyn Hadden, author of the new book Beautiful No-Mow Yards. She discusses how to get the most from your garden and incorporating nature into your landscape. Visit her online at LessLawn.com.  What is the point of making a garden? Adding beauty to the world, surely, but a garden can do so […]

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Fruit Trees in Small Spaces

February 6, 2012

I’m excited to announce that Fruit Trees in Small Spaces by Colby Eierman is now available! Here’s a sneak peek into this new book: Fruit Trees in Small Spaces covers everything a gardener needs to know about choosing and nurturing the most delicious small-space varieties, including selection, pruning, training, irrigation, and disease prevention. With inspiring ideas for spaces of all […]

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Why do I garden?

February 2, 2012

Gardeners come to love plants and the landscape in many different ways. And today, garden writer John Markowski is sharing why he gardens here on the Timber blog. John posts regularly on An Obsessive Neurotic Gardener. 

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Front yard food-fight

July 11, 2011

Here at Timber, we like to think that creative gardening can be just as rewarding as traditional ways of growing. We’ve recently published Small Green Roofs and The Edible Front Yard, each of which explore interesting ways of incorporating green space into a landscape. So, I was surprised to learn that front yard gardening has […]

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