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Flowering meadow design: RHS steppe-prairie

March 23, 2017

Using a distinct technique of sowing meadows from seed, James Hitchmough creates plant communities that mimic the dramatic beauty of natural meadows and offer a succession of blooms over many months. With case studies in some of the world’s most respected gardens, Hitchmough walks you though the gardening techniques and design strategies you need to […]

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A dry climate and a wake-up call

February 7, 2017

In this excerpt from her book, The Bold Dry Garden, Johanna Silver honors the legacy of Ruth Bancroft and the pioneering landscaping of the Ruth Bancroft Garden. With diverging public attitudes toward the current climate crisis, garden preservation, waterwise planting, and conservation activism have never been more important—let Ruth Bancroft’s fearless gardening be your guide.

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Winter is your lushest season for garden planning

December 1, 2016

With your garden dormant, the cold months are perfect for planning next year’s new landscaping projects and maintenance calendar. Pick up The Art of Gardening: Design Inspiration and Innovative Planting Techniques from Chanticleer to discover why Chanticleer has been called the most romantic, imaginative, and exciting public garden in America.

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Lessons from Chanticleer Garden: Using bulbs for maximum impact

September 23, 2015

The Art of Gardening co-author Eric Hsu shares how bulbs are used to stunning effect at Chanticleer Garden. Bulbs, like tropicals, are essential for the outsized floral expression that is quintessentially Chanticleer. Generally adaptable and colorful, hardy bulbs feature prominently throughout the garden, concentrating colors in sections. Despite being less easy to place, summer- and […]

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Head on a swivel: My garden tour

March 16, 2012

Garden writer Benjamin Vogt opened his home garden to visitors during the Wachiska Audubon Society 2011 Garden Tour last summer. Today, he talks about the exciting–and sometimes stressful–experience of sharing your garden with others. It’s Sunday morning, Father’s Day, and already at 8am, three hours before the opening, it’s as muggy as an ocean. I couldn’t […]

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