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Summer succulents and trusty tropicals: In leaves we trust

June 7, 2017

If flowers are obvious, leaves are overt, even if they too often go unnoticed. The modern garden is marked by its understanding that foliage—of all shapes, sizes, colors, and presentations—is the real undercurrent that keeps aesthetics afloat. An excerpt from Plants with Style: A Plantsman’s Choices for a Vibrant, 21st-Century Garden by Kelly D. Norris.

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Pick your foliage first

March 29, 2017

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Designing for spring and summer with foliage first

January 18, 2017

Even if the winter weather is keeping you indoors, it’s time to start planning your upcoming garden designs. With the fun and fresh combination of fir, bushes, lilies, and dahlias in Gardening with Foliage First, Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz show how the right foliage palette can make your garden shine with color and texture […]

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Fall garden chores

October 26, 2016

Packed with recipes, garden designs, décor suggestions, and lists of the most important garden chores, The Kitchen Gardener’s Handbook is an irreplaceable seasonal resource.

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Winter garden design

October 26, 2016

Although winter is primarily the time of year to showcase structure in the garden, this does not mean it needs to be devoid of color. Evergreens, colorful woody stems, ornamental berries, and the remnants of dry grasses and seedheads all partner together to chase away the winter blues. Enjoy the detailed “Winter Wonderland” garden design […]

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Planting the Dry Shade Garden

July 27, 2011

Planting the Dry Shade Garden by Graham Rice will be available in a few weeks, and I’m excited to share some photos from the book with you! Dry shade is a problem that most gardeners have, and rather than leaving it empty, why not fill it with greenery? Dry shade is that space under a […]

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Armitage’s Garden Perennials, Second Edition

July 11, 2011

We’re excited to announce the release of Armitage’s Garden Perennials: Second Edition, Fully Revised and Updated by Allan M.  Armitage. Originally published in 2000, Armitage’s Garden Perennials quickly became a garden-shelf classic. Beloved for its well-edited plant selection and Armitage’s trusted advice on choosing and caring for the best plants, Booklist named it “an essential addition to gardening collections.” […]

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Winter inspiration

January 11, 2010

This guest post was written by David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth, authors of What’s Wrong with My Plant?, and originally appeared on their blog. Winter Inspiration: Heuchera micrantha, Alumroot Our fingers are stiff with cold. It is winter here in the Northwest. David picks up his end of the measuring tape, and a hundred feet […]

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