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Lessons from Chanticleer Garden: Using bulbs for maximum impact

September 23, 2015

The Art of Gardening co-author Eric Hsu shares how bulbs are used to stunning effect at Chanticleer Garden. Bulbs, like tropicals, are essential for the outsized floral expression that is quintessentially Chanticleer. Generally adaptable and colorful, hardy bulbs feature prominently throughout the garden, concentrating colors in sections. Despite being less easy to place, summer- and […]

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9 advantages of gardening with self-seeders

September 2, 2015

9 good reasons to consider Cultivating Chaos. Traditional gardening has worked successfully for centuries, so why would you want to change the way you have always gardened? This is a legitimate question, but times have changed and so have our ideas and desired outcomes for gardens. Here are some of the advantages of gardening with […]

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Therapeutic garden design principles in action

June 30, 2015

“Gardens can and do restore our state of health,” write Therapeutic Gardens authors Daniel Winterbottom and Amy Wagenfeld. A close look at one school for children with special needs shows us how. Therapeutic garden design principles Sense of control (actual and perceived). The garden allows individuals to make choices. It provides a temporary escape, a […]

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Evolution of a book cover

June 5, 2015

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Or so the saying goes. But people do it anyway, a fact we’re keenly aware of here at Timber Press. Our book covers go through an intensive approval process in which we fret over every element: Is the title descriptive enough? Would a subtitle help? Does the image […]

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7 ways to a more waterwise garden

May 29, 2015

The drought in the American West has made water use–and conservation–more of a topic than ever. If you’ve found yourself pouring more water into the ground than you want (or than you want to pay for), consider these seven ways to a more waterwise garden. Create hydro-zones Group together plants with similar moisture needs Put […]

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Rain gardens are not just for rainy places

May 26, 2015

Rain gardens are not just for places that receive a lot of rain. In fact, they may be most beneficial in places that receive very little rain. Brad Lancaster lives in Tucson, Arizona, and shared some of the reasons why he – and his community – create rain gardens. This case study and more can […]

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Landscape of change: Buffalo Bayou Promenade

May 19, 2015

Landscapes of Change author Roxi Thoren takes a look at the making of Buffalo Bayou, an award-winning park providing recreational opportunities as well as flood control and ecological restoration. In the middle of downtown Houston, an alligator is floating down a bayou, lazily drifting in the muddy current. A group of park visitors excitedly points […]

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Words to live by: Quotes that inspire practical permaculture

April 30, 2015

Just as permaculture is inspired by natural systems, co-authors Jessi Bloom and Dave Boehnlein hope to inspire you to more sustainable gardening with their book Practical Permaculture. The following quotes are some of the words that inspired them to such practices and to write about it.

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A permaculture homestead

April 28, 2015

An inside look at how (and why) Practical Permaculture co-author Jessi Bloom turned her property into a permaculture homestead.

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Add color and save water with these drought-tolerant plants

April 24, 2015
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