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Guest Poster

Feature: Seeing Trees

August 23, 2011

Seeing Trees by Nancy Ross Hugo with photography by Robert Llewellyn will be available in a few weeks, and I’m excited to share some photos from the book with you! These are just a sampling of the striking images that are found within Seeing Trees. In Seeing Trees, author Nancy Ross Hugo teaches us a whole new way of […]

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Feature: Interview with Ruth Rogers Clausen

August 17, 2011

Jean Ann Van Krevelen of White Willow Media and Gardener to Farmer recently interviewed Ruth Rogers Clausen, author of 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants. Ruth shares some insight for beginning gardeners and her thoughts on deer-resistant gardening. Be sure to enter our giveaway to win a copy of Ruth’s book and a pair of Womanswork gloves—today is the […]

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Feature: Author Guest Post—Ruth Rogers Clausen

August 15, 2011

I’d like to welcome guest poster Ruth Rogers Clausen, author of 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants. Don’t forget to enter to win a copy of her book and a pair of Womanswork gloves in our giveaway this week! In times of summer drought, deer are as thirsty as your plants are. Imagine this for a moment: […]

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Feature: Planting the Dry Shade Garden

July 27, 2011

Planting the Dry Shade Garden by Graham Rice will be available in a few weeks, and I’m excited to share some photos from the book with you! Dry shade is a problem that most gardeners have, and rather than leaving it empty, why not fill it with greenery? Dry shade is that space under a […]

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Garden Inspiration: Succulents

July 25, 2011

Recently, I’ve seen many gardens online that feature succulents in their design. It might be the season, but there seem to be succulents everywhere! Some of the best images I’ve found are below. Debra Lee Baldwin recently gave Fern Richardson a tour of her garden, which Fern featured on her blog, Life on the Balcony. Isn’t this a […]

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Terrarium Craft: Giveaway Winner Video

July 20, 2011

As part of the winner’s prize for our recent giveaway featuring Terrarium Craft, he received a personalized video from one of the book’s authors. Amy Bryant Aiello is the owner of Artemisia here in Portland, a store that specializes in terrarium building and other natural crafts. In the video, she shows the winner, Ken, how […]

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Feature: Armitage’s Garden Perennials, Second Edition

July 11, 2011

We’re excited to announce the release of Armitage’s Garden Perennials: Second Edition, Fully Revised and Updated by Allan M.  Armitage. Originally published in 2000, Armitage’s Garden Perennials quickly became a garden-shelf classic. Beloved for its well-edited plant selection and Armitage’s trusted advice on choosing and caring for the best plants, Booklist named it “an essential addition to gardening collections.” […]

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Feature: Vanilla Orchids

June 20, 2011

We’re happy to announce the release of Vanilla Orchids: Natural History and Cultivation. In Vanilla Orchids, leading orchid expert Ken Cameron covers the natural history of the world’s most popular flavor and fragrance and provides an introduction to the pollination, biology, structure, evolution, and diversity of Vanilla and related orchids. With more than 30,000 known species, orchids […]

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Terrarium Craft Launch Party

June 17, 2011

Launch Party! Last night we had a delightful media launch party to kick-off the new release of Terrarium Craft. The soiree took place at Artemisia, a magical little store owned by one of the authors, Amy Aiello. The store has every unique terrarium material you could ever dream of—once you read the book, you will […]

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Friday Roundup – Special Edition

June 17, 2011

We’ve had some great support from crafty blogs who featured our Terrarium Craft giveaway this week. We thank all of them very much for promoting the book. These ladies all share some wonderful craft inspiration, so be sure to check them out. The Zen of Making is a DIY blog featuring crafty tutorials, handmade geekery, […]

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