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The healing (and beautiful) power of herbs

by Timber Press on January 4, 2019

in Craft, Design

Wooden piece with allium, succulents, amaranthus, rattlesnake grass, mushrooms, boronia, pinecones, blueberries, rosemary, prickly pear fruit, nigella, baby apples, geranium foliage, lavender, calix of carnations, tendrils of grapevine.

The Herbal Recipe Keeper is a beautiful, keepsake item that allows users to record the ways in which they have used healing plants—whether as medicinal formulations or as essential oil blends. It features floral arrangements by Françoise Weeks—a leading floral designer who is known for her creativity and ingenuity. See some of the whimsical, seasonal arrangements certain to inspire you with the full healing power of herbs:

Woodland with bark, lobelia, kalanchoe, monarda, grapes, persimmon, succulents, romanesco, aruncus, cosmos, asclepias, zinnia, papyrus, dill, figs, kangaroo paws, alchemilla, blueberries, blackberries, seedpods of bluestar, nigella, candytuft, alstroemeria, viburnum, asclepia.


Long, narrow woodland with Douglas fir cones, hellebore, acorns, pinecones, mushrooms, lichen, mahonia berries, kalanchoe, succulents, leucadendron seedpods, ferns, angelica, moss, bark, eucalyptus seedpods.


Artichoke container with lobelia, cedar, blackberries, blueberries, artillery fern, begonia leaves, ruby ripple peperomia foliage, jade, succulents, persimmon, dill, seedpods of nigella and poppy, mint, moss.


Bark trough with abutilon, buddleia, calendula, angelica, verbascum, sweet peas, brassica seedpods, bells of Ireland, sage, kalanchoe, blueberries, lavender, rattlesnake grass, houttuynia and cyclamen foliage, seedpods of eucalyptus.


Woodland with agrostemma, mushrooms, mahonia berries, ferns, succulents, blueberries, pinecones, larix, Persian lily, lavender, clematis, allium, foliage of geranium and dictamnus, maidenhair fern, wire fern.


Large, round wooden base with fruit of prickly pear cactus, hellebore, foliage of geranium and peperomia, cherries, rex begonia, kalanchoe, lichen, succulents, ferns, parsley, scabiosa, borage, angelica, oak leaf ficus, mushrooms, acorns, maidenhair fern.


Woodland in long container with chocolate cosmos, filipendula, rosehips, spider plant, allium, alchemilla, blackberries, blueberries, succulents, romanesco, kalanchoe, pinecones, seedpods of nigella, alstroemeria, scabiosa, poppies.

Françoise Weeks, born in Belgium, has infused her work with a quintessential European reverence for flowers and nature. Her studio is located in Portland, Oregon, and her innovation and love of teaching have brought her to the Cohim Flower School in China, the Academy of Floral Art in Exeter, England, studios in Australia and Mexico, and workshops around the globe. Her dynamic work has been published in NacreFusionFlowersModernWeddingFlowersHuffington Post, Flutter, and Millieu.


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