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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Books for nature lovers

by Timber Press on November 29, 2018

in Natural History

Anyone on your gift list with an affinity for nature and science will savor these three reads. Each book illuminates a fascinating niche of natural history in a captivating and approachable narrative.

Honey bees get all the press, but the fascinating story of North America’s native bees—an endangered species essential to our ecosystems and food supplies—is just as crucial, and closer to home! Through interviews with farmers, gardeners, scientists, and bee experts, Our Native Bees explores the importance of native bees and focuses on why they play a key role in gardening and agriculture.

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Discover how L. M. Montgomery’s deep connection to the landscapes of Prince Edward Island inspired her to write the beloved Anne of Green Gables series. From the Lake of Shining Waters and the Haunted Wood to Lover’s Lane, readers will be immersed in the real places immortalized by the literature’a pluckiest redhead.

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In Saving Tarboo Creek, Scott Freeman artfully blends his family’s story of restoring a damaged creek in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula with powerful universal lessons about how we can all live more constructive, fulfilling, and natural lives by engaging with the land rather than exploiting it. Equal parts heartfelt and empowering, this book explores how we can all make a difference one choice at a time.

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