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#IReadIndie: The Bookworm

by Timber Press on February 10, 2018

in Gardening

Photo by Jackie Cooper.

At Timber Press, we are honored to be a part of the colorful indie publishing community. In addition to supporting powerful campaigns like Workman’s #IReadIndie, we want to celebrate independent bookstores and their communities. Supporting independent authors, publishers, and bookstores promotes diverse voices, small businesses, and community engagement. Here are some of the amazing booksellers stacking the selves across the country:

Nicole Magistro started as a part-time employee at The Bookworm in 2002. In early 2005, she bought the founder’s share of the store to become co-owner with Neda Jansen. Today The Bookworm is part of Colorado’s five-stop author tour, and offers over fifty community events annually. If you’re in the area, don’t miss Gary Ferguson reading from his new book, Land on Fire, at The Bookworm on June 23rd.
What’s your favorite aisle or section of the store?

The new release table is always my favorite. I feel so excited when we can send books we love out into the world!

How does Bookworm serve the community?

Our mission is centered on community, so everything we do comes back to the beautiful place we call home and its amazing inhabitants. Just this year, we started an Adopt-A-Reader program for customers to anonymously build home libraries for kids in need, one book at a time. We partnered with several local organizations to make the matches between our readers and the families. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Photo by Jackie Cooper.

If space and budget were no object, how would Bookworm grow or expand?

I think we’d spread out a little—make the aisles wider, create more room for table displays, add even more chairs throughout the store. We don’t have a back room for receiving, and our storage is up a ladder in the attic, so I guess that might be on the wish list, too.

What makes Bookworm unique from other bookstores?

Our setting is spectacular—located on the Eagle River just minutes away from the Vail and Beaver Creek ski areas. With such a love for the outdoors, we value the environment highly and achieved Actively Green certification this year as proof of our commitment. We have a large focus on Colorado and nature books, with local titles dominating our best seller lists annually.

Photo by Jackie Cooper.

What indie title would you like to see become a bestseller?

I’m extremely excited about American Wolf by Nate Blakeslee.

Why are bookstores still relevant in the digital age of online shopping?

It can be difficult to find true connection in the public space—we are wandering around on the streets staring at small screens instead of smiling at the people we pass on the sidewalk. Even on a hike, I encounter passers by who are plugged in. In the bookstore, it seems we have a way of making eye contact and asking the simple question, “What have you been reading?” It is an opening question that builds trust and creates connection.

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