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3 gift ideas for the reflective gardener

by Timber Press on December 11, 2017

in Gardening

Some gardeners aren’t content to hibernate like bulbs in winter, they must continue to grow, even in the snowy season. These gardeners are easy to spot: their kitchen table becomes littered with seed catalogs almost as soon as the turkey is gone and their holiday wish-list contains things like knee pads and hose extensions. They are both doers and thinkers. They like to plan as much as they like to plant. They are reflective, often spending as much time thinking about what it means to be a gardener as they do actually gardening.

The following are three gift ideas for the reflective gardener in your life:

Cutting Back: My Apprenticeship in the Gardens of Kyoto
by Leslie Buck

At thirty-five, Leslie Buck made an impulsive decision to put her personal life on hold to pursue her passion. Leaving behind a full life of friends, love, and professional security, she became the first American woman to learn pruning from one of the most storied landscaping companies in Kyoto. Cutting Back recounts Buck’s bold journey and the revelations she has along the way.




The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Frontier Landscapes that Inspired the Little House Books
by Marta McDowell

The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder, by New York Times bestselling author Marta McDowell, explores Wilder’s deep relationship to the landscape. Follow the wagon trail of the series, starting in the Wisconsin setting of Little House in the Big Woods to the Dakotas and finally to Missouri. Throughout, you’ll learn details about Wilder’s life and inspirations, discover how to visit the real places today, and even learn to grow the plants and vegetables featured in the stories.



The Roots of My Obsession
edited by Thomas Cooper
Behind every great gardener is a great story. In The Roots of My Obsession, 30 great gardeners share how they got started gardening and what keeps them going. There is the boy who learns to grow plants stolen from neighbors’ yards and the girl who saves marigold seeds in her sweater drawer. There is the man who marks the passage of time with the changes in his garden and the woman who learns to appreciate the “wildlings that grow up, when you don’t weed or mow.” These are stories of passion, discovery, failure, and triumph. Stories that reveal the nature in human nature.


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