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Gift ideas for garden designers

by Timber Press on December 11, 2017

in Design

Give the gift of gardening! Help the garden designer in your life build their library with books from Timber Press. If you don’t find the right one here, try searching our catalog for more great garden design books.

Garden Renovation: Transform Your Yard into the Garden of Your Dreams
by Bobbie Schwartz

Gardens, just like houses, sometimes need makeovers. The changes can be as minor as replacing a shrub or as major as pulling everything up and starting from scratch. No matter the size of your space or the scope of the project, the sage advice in Garden Renovation will help you turn a problem-filled yard into a paradise. Bobbie Schwartz draws on her years of experience as a garden designer to teach gardeners how to evaluate the plants and features present in their yards, determine what to keep and what to remove, and choose the right plants and design plans for successful remodels.



The Essential Garden Design Workbook: Completely Revised and Expanded
by Rosemary Alexander

The Essential Garden Design Workbook has been the go-to guide for students, professionals, and any gardener passionate about well-designed outdoor spaces. Now, eminent designer-educator Rosemary Alexander has teamed up with rising design star Rachel Myers for a complete update.






PlantDriven_jacket fnt FINAL.inddPlant-Driven Design: Creating Gardens That Honor Plants, Place, and Spirit
by Scott Ogden and Lauren Springer Ogden

Put plants first! This could sum up the Ogden philosophy. Tired of soulless landscapes that give priority to architecture and artiface, the Ogdens are on a mission to put plants in their proper place—at the center of garden design. Informed by their experience designing gardens around the world and supported by extensive plant lists for specific sites and purposes, Scott and Lauren have written what Gardens Illustrated rightly called “One of the best garden books of the 21st Century.”



9781604691931_RGB SMALLDesigning with Conifers: The Best Choices for Year-Round Interest in Your Garden
by Richard L. Bitner

Conifers are perhaps the most misused and misunderstood plants in garden design, but given proper consideration, they can add beauty, longevity, and versatility. Richard Bitner’s comprehensive guide offers solutions based on shape, color, specific sites, styles, and conditions. He brings this all together with a well-illustrated case study of the Barrett Garden in Oregon.





9780881929836 SMALLDesigning with Grasses
by Neil Lucas

Recreating grasslands found in prairie, steppes, and meadows provides a high-impact, low-maintenance, sustainable alternative to the labor-intensive, flat lawn. Neil Lucas profiles 450 grasses, rushes, and sedges, providing top performers for drought, waterside, containers, and shade. He also includes suggestions for grasses used in rain gardens, green roofs, and erosion control. If that sounds like a lot, it is, this book is as dynamic as its subject.





Dirr_Cover SMALLDirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs
by Michael A. Dirr

This is actually two books in one. Combining Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs and Dirr’s Trees and Shrubs for Warm Climates under one cover gives designers a double-dose of advice from this master plantsman. It includes all the essential details for identification, planting, and care. “Belongs on every serious gardener’s shelf,” writes Dominique Browning of The New York Times, “Dirr’s encyclopedia is as charming as it is refined.”





9780881929041 SMALLSo You Want to be a Garden Designer: How to Get Started, Grow, and Thrive in the Landscape Design Business
by Love Albrecht Howard

Covering every aspect of building a business, from working with nurseries to pricing services; from occupational hazards to legal issues concerning patios and decks. This is the book every beginning garden designer should have and every garden designer wishes they had at the beginning!

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