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The top 7 benefits of keep a guided journal

by Timber Press on October 17, 2017

in Craft

Guided and bulleted journals are ubiquitous on Instagram these days, but is this just another lifestyle fad (like eating more purple food and wearing athleisure in the office), or is using a more visual and creative day planner here to stay?

We think journals like Nature Observer and A Year in the Garden are evergreen tools for practicing mindfulness, but don’t just take our word for it—here are the top 7 reasons everyone is switching to guided and dot-grid journals:

Boost self-esteem
Keeping track of exciting events and personal successes each week is a great way to increase your confidence. Recording your daily happenings also offers positive reinforcement that how you spend your time matters and what you’re doing has an impact on others.

Find clarity
If you are making a tough decision, articulating the pros and cons in a journal entry will help you process. You can also review previous journal prompts and notes to see how your feelings have changed over time. With this clarity, you make move forward in your decisions more confidently.

Arrive on time
With the agenda structure of a guided dot-grid journal, you can keep track of projects and appointments in a flexible system that works for you. Reviewing your priorities and structuring your time will help you to be punctual and prepared for your commitments.

Brainstorm like a pro
You are probably more likely to carry your hybrid journal-planner around than you are to lug about a notebook dedicated to only new ideas. This means you can document that thought that struck you out of nowhere before you forget. By integrating epiphanies and brainstorming into your usual to-do lists and calendars, you’ll be logging your brilliant ideas in an accessible place that’s easy to refer to later or translate immediately into action items in your schedule.

Track progress
Using the monthly habit tracker, you can spot trends and adjust your behavior toward healthier, happier practices. No matter what your personal or professional goals are, tracking your daily progress is a key to success.

Practice self-care
“Mindfulness” and “gratitude” aren’t just buzzwords. Taking the time to jot down your thoughts and take note of your emotions each week can help you notice patterns in your mental and physical health.

Engage creatively
There are all kinds of studies that suggest doodling improves memory, and creative writing promotes innovative thinking. With writing prompts and blank space for drawings, handlettering, and general scrawling, your planner can be an outlet for expression and practicing more mindful imaginative play.


Maggie Enterrios is a Chicago-based illustrator and design consultant who is known for intricate black ink drawings inspired by typography and nature. See more of her work at littlepatterns.com.


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