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How to make a succulent corsage or boutonniere

by Timber Press on June 3, 2013

in Craft, Gardening

A single Echeveria minima rosette was prepped without a wood pick (wire only).

A single Echeveria minima rosette was prepped without a wood pick (wire only).

Using floral material inspired by the main bouquet, make boutonnieres for the gentlemen and corsages (wrist or lapel) for the ladies. This simple technique also works well for hair ornaments.


  • satin ribbon
  • pencil for curling the stem
  • scissors
  • floral tape
  • 9-inch length of 20-gauge floral wire
  • echeveria rosette
  • greens (several sprigs that go with the bride’s bouquet)
  • florist’s straight pin


Prep an echeveria rosette using wire only (no pick) and twist the wire to form a flexible stem. Make a minibouquet with the greens behind the echeveria and framing it.

Wrap all the stems together with floral tape and then with the ribbon (not seen here). Leave an inch of the ribbon at the top and trim to a V.

Cut the bundled stems so they’re 2 inches long, then coil around a pencil, creating “a cute little pig’s tail.” Pin in place.



Debra Lee Baldwin and Robyn Foreman demonstrate how to make a succulent boutonniere:


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