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Valentine’s Day: A round-up

by Timber Press on February 16, 2012

in Gardening

I know what you’re thinking. “Valentine’s Day? That’s over! Let’s move on! The chocolate has been eaten, and the flower arrangement is already beginning to lose its luster.” (As to the latter, don’t forget to change the water. As for the chocolate, sorry, can’t help you. And if you didn’t get either of those for Valentine’s Day, we really can’t help you.)

But this post isn’t about Valentines, it’s about anti-Valentines. Specifically the ones written this week by several garden writers to their lawns. You could call them farewells to St. Augustine, in honor of St. Valentine. Horticultural “Dear John” letters, if you will. And that sort of thinking never goes out of season.

Some of the letters are humorous, others insightful, and they all have inspiring photographs, so give them a read:

And whether you find yourself agreeing with their sentiments, or simply can’t understand what the tiff is all about  — Ha! See what I did there? — make sure to check out Beautiful No-Mow Yards, the book that not only inspired all these letters, but will inspire and encourage you to finally be free of all that demanding — and, dare we say it, boring — turf.

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