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Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens

by Timber Press on September 28, 2011

in Design

Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens is one of our new releases for September. I’m very excited to share some photos from the book with you!

In recent years, gardeners have faced increased water-use restrictions, and it’s not limited to dry-climate areas like the Southwest. There are restrictions in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina. And even for gardeners with no water restrictions, low-water plants are key to a sustainable garden.

Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens is a practical guide to the best 200 plants guaranteed to thrive in low-water gardens. Plant entries provide the common and botanical name, the regions where the plant is best adapted, growth and care information, and notes on pests and disease. This practical and inspiring guide includes a variety of plants, from trees to succulents, perennials to bulbs, all selected for their wide adaptability and ornamental value.

This virigin palm is an attractive Mexican native that does best in zones 8b-10.

Rabbitbrush is an aromatic shrub that does best in zones 3-8 in the West.

Shrub germander attracts both bees and butterflies and does well in zones 8-10 with little humid heat.

This hardy bromeliad is ideal for thin soil near the base of trees and does well in zones 8b-10.

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