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Friday Roundup

by Timber Press on September 2, 2011

in Miscellaneous

I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoy the holiday this weekend!  Happy Friday!

Hanging in the Garden

Rochelle of Studio G shares some garden furniture inspiration this week. Many of the pieces are colorful, comfortable, and creative! From benches, stools, and even a hanging chair, Rochelle has collected an interesting array of options for your landscape. My favorite is the hanging chair from Anthropologie.

Image via Studio G

September is Here!

On A Way to Garden, Margaret Roach shares her list of garden chores for September. It’s “peak planting and dividing time,” she says, so make sure to add some new winter plants to the garden. Some projects she will be working on include pruning, composting fading flowers and edibles, and re-edging beds. If you need some ideas on what you should focus on this month, Margaret’s list is a great resource.

Wildlife in the Garden

Hoping to encourage more wildlife visitors in your garden? Or detract the visitors that cause plant damage? Horticulture Magazine has an extensive list of articles that address how to garden in the midst of many different types of wildlife. They’ve also listed resources to find out if gardening practices are potentially harmful to wildlife guests, and ways to safely discourage pests.

Favorites in 2011

Daricia of A Charlotte Garden planted several perennials in small areas of her garden, and she’s had beautiful results. Some of her favorites from this year’s planting include Cheddar Pink, Fairy Thimbles, and White Star Creeper. Her photos are inspiring and show that a gardener can cultivate color in the smallest of spots.

Image via A Charlotte Garden

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