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March 2011

Complete Book of Potatoes Excerpt

March 29, 2011

We gave away advance copies of The Complete Book of Potatoes a little while ago, and now the book is in our warehouses and ready to be purchased by the eager potato growers of the world! Potato planting season is on, and I thought this would be a good time to post some excerpts from […]

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“Best” Blog Post

March 18, 2011

Books lend themselves well to “best” lists. Best Fiction, Best Nonfiction, Best New Author, Best Title, etc., etc. In a way all these “best” lists are subjective — one person’s “best” is another person’s “please give me my two hours back.” One more concrete “best” measure, though, is “bestseller”. In most cases, this word indicates […]

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The Edible Front Yard Excerpt

March 9, 2011

We’ve been getting lots of glowing reviews for The Edible Front Yard, by Ivette Soler, from bloggers and the media alike.  Words like “unabashed”, “exuberant”, “lively”, “delightful”, and “delish” have been bandied about. We’re pleased that Ivette’s hard work is being appreciated. Here’s a little excerpt from her book! This section is from the first […]

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The Northwest Flower and Garden Show: A Report

March 2, 2011

Last week was the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, and on Friday, with great enthusiasm, I went to go check it out. (Very picture-heavy post ahead!) First, I attended a tweetup, and got to meet (face to face!) a number of people who I am acquainted with via Twitter and Facebook. They live! They breathe! […]

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