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Succulent Container Gardens Giveaway

by Tom Fischer, Editor-in-Chief on May 3, 2010

in Gardening

How do you feel about succulents? How about succulent container gardens? How about Succulent Container Gardens?

Aha! A fan, you say? Well, in honor of Debra’s new podcast, we’re hosting a month-long book and gift certificate giveaway!

Here are The Rules:

1) Create a succulent garden in a pot. Go wild! Use wacky succulent combinations; plant succulents in strange containers (Crocs, anyone?); make a Star Wars montage with succulents — anything, really. And if you need extra help, Debra will talk succulents and design  on our podcast every Monday in May.

2) Take a picture of your masterpiece, and post it online. Send us the link in the comments. You may submit no more than two succulent arrangements. (Or rather, you can submit as many as you like, but only two will be eligible for the competition.)

3) Comments will close May 31st, and shortly thereafter Debra herself will serve as judge, and select a winner from all the entries posted in the comments. The winner will get signed copies of both Designing with Succulents and Succulent Container Gardens, plus a $25 gift certificate to a local nursery.

4) Sorry, we can only ship to Canada and the US. But feel free to submit a picture anyway, for bragging rights!

5) Not sure how to create a succulent container garden? Here is Debra’s “How To” video for some inspiration.

Have fun!

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