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William T. Stearn

William T. Stearn (1911–2001) was one of Britain's most eminent botanists. During a career based first at the Royal Horticultural Society, then at the Natural History Museum, Stearn wrote some 470 books, articles, and monographs, ranging from detailed studies of plant genera, through histories and biographies, to books on botanical taxonomy, many of which have become standard works of reference.

He served as librarian of the Royal Horticultural Society's Lindley Library, senior principal scientific officer in the Department of Botany at the British Museum (Natural History), and visiting professor in the Department of Botany and Agricultural Botany at the University of Reading. In 2000 he was awarded the Asa Gray Award, the highest award of the American Society of Plant Taxonomists.

Awards for William T. Stearn

  • Asa Gray Award, American Society of Plant Taxonomists
  • Royal Horticultural Society Victoria Medal of Honour
  • Royal Horticultural Society Gold Veitch Memorial Medal

Books by William T. Stearn