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T. M. E. Branney

T. M. E. Branney is co-owner of The Europa Nursery, which specializes in rare, temperate-woodland plants. As well as offering a wide selection of Zingiberaceae, the nursery is also involved in a large-scale hybridization program for Epimedium and has amassed a comprehensive collection of Polygonatum. Its two-hectare (five-acre) Devon site, which is still being developed, is planted with a collection of rare trees and shrubs in a woodland and water setting. Branney designs gardens for private clients and has had articles and photographs published in plant journals all over the world. He has traveled to Southeast Asia, Central America, and Madeira to observe plants in the wild, take photographs, and collect seed. Next in his sights is a trip to Chile to see the high-altitude flora of the Andes.

Books by T. M. E. Branney