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Saxon Holt

Saxon Holt is widely recognized as one of the top photographers in the world of garden photography. His images are in demand from publishers worldwide and he has worked for magazines as diverse as Pacific Horticulture and Architectural Digest.

Over the past 20 years Saxon has won awards for his magazine work, calendars, books and his portfolio, including four awards from the Garden Writers of America.

Books are his main interest as they provide an opportunity to explore subjects in depth. His book The American Meadow Garden with John Greenlee looks at a changing aesthetic in gardening that is more sustainable and naturalistic.

With an understanding of the power of the media to define our gardening style, Saxon seeks to use photography to change the aesthetic of what we expect to see in a garden photograph.

You may also be interested in the author's own Web site, www.saxonholt.com.

Books by Saxon Holt