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Roger Gossler

Roger Gossler grew up in Springfield, Oregon on the Gossler family farm, and is one of those rare individuals who knew his career from birth. He became interested in plants at an early age and quickly became a leader in promoting the use of woody trees and shrubs.

In the mid 1970's, Roger received a degree in Landscape Design and Maintenance from Lane Community College, and currently is the buyer and main grower for Gossler Farms Nursery. He avidly researches what is new in the trade and worthy of inclusion in the nursery's catalog.

He speaks regularly to garden groups around the country including hardy plant groups in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, programs at North Carolina State University and the California Horticulture Society, and the Northwest Horticultural Society. He has traveled several times to Europe to see gardens and gardeners.

You may also be interested in the author's own Web site, www.GosslerFarms.com.

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