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Michael A. Dirr

Michael A. Dirr, professor emeritus, horticulture, University of Georgia, is widely acknowledged as one of the leading experts on trees and shrubs for landscapes and gardens. He holds BS and MS degrees in horticulture from The Ohio State University and the Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts. Dirr has introduced over 200 woody plants to cultivation and holds 29 patents with the UGA Research Foundation. With two partners, he established Plant Introductions, Inc., a breeding and introduction company in 2006, selling it to Bailey Nurseries in 2015. Dirr continues to work in lockstep with the American nursery industry to introduce and promote new trees and shrubs.

Awards for Michael A. Dirr

  • American Horticultural Society Liberty Hyde Bailey Medal
  • American Horticultural Society's Teaching Award
  • American Horticultural Society's Teaching Award
  • Arthur Hoyt Scott Garden and Horticultural Award
  • ASHS Undergraduate Educator Award
  • Medal of Honor from the Garden Clubs of America
  • Southern Nurseryman's Association (SNA) Slater Wight Memorial Award