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Mary Irish

Mary Irish is a prominent voice in southwestern horticulture and has written extensively on dry-climate gardening.

She received her master's degree in geography from Texas A&M University and is the former director of public horticulture at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

A Texas native, Mary grew up raising farm animals and tending a large vegetable garden. In 1985 Mary and her husband Gary moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and before long she began working as a volunteer at the Desert Botanical Garden, where she soon earned a full-time position.

Mary once hosted a weekly Phoenix-based radio show called "The Arizona Gardener,” and has appeared on countless news and lifestyle television programs regarding desert gardening.

She is a regular contributor to several magazines including Sunset, and teaches classes on the care and culture of agaves, cacti, and other desert shrubs.

Awards for Mary Irish

  • Arizona Municipal Water Users Association Xeriscape Award of Special Recognition