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Kathy Fediw

Kathy Fediw is an internationally known interior plantscape consultant, author, and speaker with over 30 years’ experience. She is a LEED Accredited Professional, a Certified Landscape Professional, and a Certified Landscape Technician. The company she started provides consulting services, training workshops, online courses, and other educational resources to interior plantscaping businesses worldwide.

Author of Green Plant Care Tips for Techs as well as a series of training manuals and online courses, Kathy also publishes and edits two monthly online magazines, I-Plants and Urban Horticulture, and is a frequent speaker on horticulture, management, and green building topics in the United States and elsewhere. She developed the Green Earth—Green Plants certification program for eco-friendly horticultural businesses, and is actively involved with various trade associations across the country.

Kathy is an accomplished artist and exhibits at several galleries in the greater Houston area where she lives. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University.

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