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Kathleen A. Robson

Kali Robson has been attracted to plants since childhood, when she first gardened with her father. During a high school geology class field trip to Death Valley she begged the teacher to allow her to collect plants instead of rocks. He agreed, as long as she included information on the soils they were growing in as part of her class project.

After high school she worked in a wholesale nursery, did some landscape maintenance, and worked other odd jobs, but her attraction to plants kept nagging. Finally deciding she had to know more about the secret lives of plants she joined her local community college as a botany major. A few years later she transferred to the Botany Department at the University of California at Davis where she received her bachelor's degree. She completed graduate degrees studying at the University of British Columbia and the University of Nebraska.

In addition to studying rare plants, and plants of importance to the Columbia Basin tribes, she taught taxonomy for several years on both sides of the Cascades as adjunct faculty with Washington State University. Her deepest interests involve the philosophy of science, evolutionary theory, and complexity and emergence, and she wrote monthly columns on gardening with northwest natives and related topics for The Columbian in Vancouver, Washington.

In her spare time Robson enjoys hiking, botanizing, vegetable gardening, and sampling the wonderful Pacific Northwest microbrews.

Awards for Kathleen A. Robson

  • American Horticultural Society's Teaching Award

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