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John Tullock

John Tullock is a writer, photographer, orchid fanatic, ichthyologist, and long-time conservationist who has been growing orchids and wildflowers for thirty years. John is an active member of the Nature Conservancy, American Orchid Society, North American Plant Protection Council, and Tennessee Native Plant Society, and until recently operated a mail-order orchid business from his home near Knoxville, Tennessee.

John says: "Part of the reason I first became interested in growing native orchids stemmed directly from their reputation for fussiness in cultivation. In no reference book could I find any encouragement for including native orchids in my wildflower garden; in fact, most of the books I consulted contained numerous exhortations to avoid even attempting to grow them. Eventually, after tramping along miles of woodland trails in search of orchids to photograph, I decided these books must be wrong."

John has worked as a bookseller and event coordinator for Barnes and Noble, gardens at his home in Tennessee, and is passionate about protecting native orchids.

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