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Jennifer R. Bartley

Jennifer R. Bartley spent her childhood in the great outdoors: picking wildflowers, building forts in an old ravine, and sleeping under the stars. She savored these special childhood places and obtained from them a profound sense of nature's importance, which fostered her love of beautiful gardens that embrace a simple life connected to the landscape.

Jennifer studied landscape architecture at Ohio State University, where she obtained her master's degree and has served as an adjunct professor in the design studio.

She is now a private landscape designer, artist, and photographer. She has studied traditional kitchen gardens throughout France, and has created her own versions of these gardens for American chefs and gardeners devoted to fresh and local food.

Jennifer is married and has five children. She enjoys digital photography, cooking for friends and family, rollerblading, growing heirloom vegetables from seed, and working in her home garden.

Books by Jennifer R. Bartley