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James D. Thayer

James D. Thayer was president of the Friends of Forest Park at a time when the organization grew to prominence through advocacy, focusing on trying to preserve unimpeded wildlife access by purchasing strategic parcels inside and beyond the park. He has surveyed over 60 miles of trails, fire lanes, and logging roads and has mapped many trails, tracks, bushwhacks, and bramble-clogged scrambles in the Portland area.

Thayer has served as senior manager at the Portland Development Commission and as a senior international economic development officer for the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department. In 1989 he founded the international marketing consultancy Overseas Strategic Services, helping U.S. companies find markets abroad. He has also served as president of the World Affairs Council of Oregon. Starting in 1992 he helped launch the international sales and marketing for a series of successful Oregon-based technology ventures. He serves as the president of the Southwest Hills Residential League neighborhood association and sits on the board of the Portland-Bologna Sister City association. He earned a bachelor's degree from Reed College and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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